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The one thing I struggle with in my homeschool is figuring out what to do for art, so I am always on the lookout for a great homeschool art curriculum.  The Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus courses from Beyond the Stick Figure Art School has been my favorite new find because I’m not confident when it comes to teaching art, and the program has been so much fun to do right alongside my kids!

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When the owner of the course, Sally, says that anyone can learn to draw and paint, she isn’t kidding! I am probably the worst artist you will find, and can barely draw a stick figure, but this course has taught me techniques that had me making beautiful works of art in just a few lessons.

My kids were loving it too, and were shocked by how quickly they were creating fun drawings and works of art.

About Beyond The Stick Complete Drawing Course

The Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course comes with a five-part drawing course, each consisting of several lessons. Lessons are easily accessible from the dashboard of your account, and you must complete them in the order they are listed (this avoids anyone trying to skip ahead). Also included are 3 Bonus courses, watercolor, acrylic, and 3D design.

Each lesson is concise; most are between five to ten minutes; some are even shorter. The good thing about this is that my kids (and I) can learn a simple technique very quickly and then apply it right away. We practice that technique, then the next day, we learn something new to add to what we’ve already learned.

The lessons are presented in video format, as Sally describes and shows you what to do. You watch, then apply by doing it yourself. You can choose to do this two different ways; first, you could watch the video in its entirety and later try it yourself, or you could try to do what Sally is doing as she is doing it (you can always pause the video as needed).

How We’ve Used the Beyond The Stick Complete Drawing Course

This course is designed with short daily lessons. Unfortunately, we don’t do art every day, so we’ll work on things three to four times a week. Sometimes we will do two lessons a day since they are quite short and we’re not doing them every day.

So far, we have gotten about a third of the way through the drawing course. We have been enjoying our creations, and the kids have been proud to show them off. My kids, ranging in age from four years to thirteen years, have really taken to this. My four-year-old does get a bit bored with his short attention span, but my six-year-old is thriving, as is my ten-year-old.

As mentioned above, this course has been my favorite new homeschooling find. The kids and I are having so much fun learning new drawing techniques, and I cannot wait to move on to watercolor and 3D sculpture once we finish the drawing course!

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