Have you ever done yoga? I actually never really gave it much thought until recently. As many of you know, I’m expecting my third child in December. Although I’ve tried to stay as active as possible, I really haven’t been doing much lately. I feel like a couch potato both because I feel like there isn’t much I have been able to do, and because I’ve just been really really tired!

Then I got to thinking about yoga. A few of my friends have done it, and when I had my first child a few of the moms in the birthing classes had talked about how much they enjoyed doing yoga during their pregnancy. They also mentioned that it seemed to help them during the birth. I figured why not, at least it is something I can do to help me get active again!

Selecting Yoga Gear

Since I am new to yoga I don’t really have a lot of experience with what to do or what I need. The only yoga I’ve really ever done is what is on Wii Fit, and I’m not sure if I even ever did that right. So after looking into it I found that I actually get some free yoga programming with our smart TV.  Bonus!

The only thing I still needed was some proper yoga gear. Since I’m pregnant clothing is pretty limited, but I so have some stuff at home already I can wear. I just needed a yoga mat. I’ve heard really good things about Aurorae yoga, so I checked out their selection and decided on the Synergy towel/mat combination. It is a yoga mat with a towel built right in so you don’t have to worry about sweating and slipping.

The folks at Aurorae were kind enough to send me one to try out.

aurorae full

Here are a few things as a beginner that I really like about the Synergy yoga mat so far:

The mat is nice and long. Although I am not a tall person, it is nice to have the extra room. If I were tall, it would still be a good fit.

The mat seems very well made. The stitching at the seams appears to be of great quality so I am optimistic this mat will hold up for a long time…even through washes (yes it is machine washable!).

aurorae seams top

The back side is non-slip, and again the stitching was done nicely.

aurorae seams

The towel on top is great for catching any excess water/sweat and so that you can continue on without having to wipe off all the time.

The yoga mat gets very good reviews on shopping sites (this a good sign for me!)

Things I am not sure about (possible cons):

Since this is my first mat I cannot compare it to anything else, but it does seem a little on the thin side. I don’t know if all yoga mats are this thin, but I was thinking it would be cushier for some reason (please let me know otherwise if you have done yoga before).

I’m also not sure how many times you are supposed to throw this in the wash before it will start to deteriorate; the directions for washing simply state:

machine wash alone with detergent on gentle, warm water, extra rinse cycle. If you have a top loading machine with an agitator wash by hand with a brush or coarse sponge to avoid any damage to the mat. * After rinsing your mat, wrap your mat in a bath towel and squeeze excess water out. * Hang dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER.

More about the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat

  • “Be One with your Mat” Synergy
  • No More Slipping on your Yoga mat and Great for Hot/Active Yoga where you sweat a lot
  • Aurorae’s lush slip free microfiber towel is the top surface with our 5mm per yoga mat as bottom surface
  • No bunching or movement of your yoga towel while you practice
  • For best results lightly spray the top of your mat, where your hands and feet go for down dog, with water before use
  • Ultra Thick 5mm for comfort and stability to protect your joints. 72″ long to fit all sizes
  • Eco Friendly and safe. SGS tested and approved. Free from Latex, Silcone and Phthalates
  • No Odor, Light Weight, Durable and easy to care for.
  • Aurorae’s Golden Sun Focal Icon to help with concentration
  • Find on Amazon here:

Be sure to check out the Aurorae website as well for all of your yoga needs!

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The Mommy Bunch was provided a free mat in exchange for this review, all opinions are our own.