Disney Dreamers Academy – Inspiring Dreamers!

I recently learned about an awesome program put on by the wonderful people at Walt Disney World where students can participate in hands-on, immersive career seminars right at Disney! Disney Dreamer’s Academy turns the entire magical setting of Walt Disney World into a vibrant classroom.

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Getting Smart with School Lunches: Work Smarter Not Harder

Lunch planning made easy! If you know what you are having for dinner, you can plan an easy lunch as long as you make extra at each meal – remember, work smarter not harder!

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How Legends Of Learning Is Helping Me In The Science Classroom

As a teacher, I want games that are curriculum aligned, fun for kids, and educational at the same time. As a technology lover, I really appreciate when I can bring my love of science and my students’ love of all things tech into the same space.

Legends Of Learning is finally my answer!

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