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I know quite a few people who like to just pay cash for everything, but sometimes you need a credit card for certain situations (hotel reservations, car rental, etc.)

If you are budget wise or just don’t see the need for a credit card, a prepaid card might be just the thing for those situations where you just “need” to have a credit card. A prepaid card can also be a good option for those with limited credit, or to help a student learn to use a card for the first time without fear of racking up a huge bill. prepaid card

I have been using a prepaid card over the last few weeks, and a few things I like about the service are that there are no overdraft or late fees, no check cashing fees, you can use it anywhere VISA or MasterCard is accepted, there is no credit check, and you have access to ATMs worldwide.

They also have a ton of cute designs to choose from so you can customize the card. I chose the walking dead design, but they have a ton of designs and I’m sure there is one to fit any personality!

Another great feature is that you can track your spending by logging into your account to see where you have spent money, what your balance is, and if you need to reload funds.

The only thing that I’m not thrilled about with this particular card is that you have to set up direct deposit in order to avoid a monthly fee, however, if you have no other banking and/or credit accounts, it may be a viable option for you to do so.

More about prepaid Visa cards are your connection to what you love. Loading Card Members get VIP access and rewards focused on the passion pictured on their card. A card from your favorite band might get you early access to concert tickets or limited edition merchandise or free MP3s. A card from your favorite Cause might help provide clean water to a community in need or support cancer research. is safer than cash. All loaded funds are 100% FDIC insured. You can load money in many convenient ways including with cash at Western Union and through direct deposit from your employer or federal benefits. You can transfer funds from card to card. You can use ATMs and shop near home and around the world.


So tell us…

In what situations would you prefer a prepaid card? Which design would pick from the options?


I was provided a card pre-loaded with funds to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.