If you have been thinking about using cloth diapers for your baby instead of disposables, you are in good company!

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Why Cloth Diapers?

There are many reasons parents choose to use cloth diapers over disposables. Some of the most common reasons include the following (information, stats, and dollar amounts listed below found on The Diaper Lady and/or A Diaper Change):

  • Cost: Depending on how often your child goes to the bathroom, you may spend as much as $2,000 or more on disposable wipes and diapers.  To purchase a set of cloth diapers can be anywhere between $200-$600, and each child beyond your first has FREE diapers if you hang on to them!
  • Comfort: Cloth diapers breathe and will feel softer to baby’s skin.
  • Diaper Rashes: Babies in cloth diapers tend to get less diaper rashes than those in disposables, and in fact this is one of the reasons many moms decided to make the switch in the first place!  ANY baby who is left in a wet diaper, whether cloth or disposable, is prone to rashes.  So changing your baby as often as needed is recommended.
  • Environmentally Better:  Less trash to take out (1/3 the volume of those that use disposables), and the water used to wash the diapers would be about equivalent to the water a potty trained person would use to flush the toilet.

If these aren’t reasons enough to convince you, check out The Diaper Lady and A Diaper Change for more information and tips about cloth diapers…including how easy they are to wash!

Baby Babu Cloth Diapers

The Baby Babu line of cloth diapers is an affordable, and stylish way to ensure you are not only putting the best diaper on your baby’s bum, but also getting a premier product.

Baby Babu pocket cloth diapers have tons of features to make cloth diapering a breeze for you and your baby!

Our one-size pocket cloth diapers all come with the following features:

-TWO openings to stuff the inner pocket of the cloth diaper.  Why two openings you may wonder?  Two openings allow for the insert to simply self agitate out in the washing machine, preventing mommy or daddy from having to reach in and pull out a yucky, soiled insert.  With Baby Babu pocket cloth diapers, just dispose of any #2 in the toilet, toss in the washing machine and that’s it! We’ve eliminated the need for any additional dirty work.

-Our adjustable snap button system, you now have a cloth diaper for life!  The button system allows for sizing from 8-35+ pounds, so you’ll never have to search for new diapers to fit your growing cutie.

-Each diaper wing has 3 button snaps to ensure a secure, but comfortable fit (most competitors have only 2 snaps on their diapers).  But wait, there’s more!  We’ve incorporated an extra gusset inside of the outer leg gusset to help prevent leakage for those little guys and girls that have a tendency towards the dreaded blow-outs or flood style pee pee incidents (moms and dads love this).

-Finally, each pocket cloth diaper comes with one 3 layer super absorbable insert and super soft, moisture wicking liner.

Baby Babu Cloth Diapers Live Up To The Hype!

I cannot tell you what other moms have said about these diapers, and I don’t even really have my own opinion (as I didn’t use cloth diapers with my kids, although I wish I would have now looking back), but what I can tell you is that I gave one of these diapers to my childcare provider for her own baby, and she has told me on numerous occasions that the Baby Babu diaper is the favorite out of all of her cloth diapers.

Get Your Cloth Diapers Today!

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