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Stroller rides, car-seat rides, changing table rides (I’m sure it is like a ride when daddy does it — right?); no matter where your baby goes their tiny little head is being jostled around — probably more often than you’d like. Luckily, my infant car-seat came with an included head support, however, as you can see — our stroller did not. Although I love this stroller, as well as our lightweight umbrella stroller, neither offer great head support.

When I first heard of the Baby Elephant Ears baby headrest support pillow I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. It just seemed like another gimmicky product on the market, but then I read the story of the creator, Alicia Overby, and I realized what a truly useful product this could be! I agreed to review a pillow and see for myself.

Thoughts on the Baby Elephant Ears

What I love about the Baby Elephant Ears is that it is versatile. You can literally use it anywhere you would like your baby to have a little extra head support. There is nothing to attach it to and no straps to try to secure it down, you simply place it behind baby’s neck and bring the ‘ears’ forward.

Baby girl also seemed just fine using these, meaning she didn’t fuss at all as I was positioning the pillow behind her head. And they don’t limit her view so if you have a baby that likes to look around, like mine, they will be happy as can be with this headrest support pillow.

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The pillow is also machine washable which is a huge plus since we all know how babies like to soil everything in sight with drool and spit-up. 🙂 They are not, however, intended for crib use (the pillows, not babies — by all means put your babies in cribs, or co-sleep like we do and have your baby wake you every few hours — you know, just to make sure you are still there on your sliver of remaining bed space) 😯 .

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The Mommy Bunch was provided with a sample to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.