When your family is about to get a bit bigger with the addition of a new bundle of joy, you are likely going to be dealing with many feelings of anticipation and excitement. While you couldn’t possibly be happier to be having another baby, you might also be wondering just how you will manage to take care of and entertain two little ones all day long. Your schedule with your first child is probably already as hectic as you could have imagined, so how exactly will the new little one fit into the picture?

While all second-time parents have similar feelings and thoughts, it is important to remember that, just as with your first baby, you will need to cut yourself some slack. There will be a transition period for your family, but it is something that you will all be able to adapt to and handle. Moreover, the joy that you will all have when you first bring your new bundle of joy home will make all of the adjustments and planning well worth it in the end.

Ultimately, you will feel much better about this transition when you allow yourself the time to prepare properly for the arrival of your new little one. You likely have all of the basics already from your first baby, so make sure that such things are in working order. That being said, there will be a few items that you might not have needed before that will make life with two little ones a bit easier.

Here are four must-have items that you will want to get in anticipation of your second baby’s arrival.

1. A Baby Swing

When you had your first baby, all of your attention could be devoted to them. This time, however, things will need to be a bit different. Depending on how young your first child is, they might not be independent enough to cope without you for most of the day. You should make sure that your new baby has a comfortable place to sit so that you can see to your older child when they need you. 

A baby swing makes for the perfect item in these instances. Your newborn will have a safe and comfortable place to sit where you can still keep an eye on them. The smooth swinging action of the best baby swing will help keep them calm and content while you and your older child spend some time together. Just make sure that the swing you choose follows all of the top safety guidelines and regulations and ensure that your baby is never in the swing without you in the room.

2. A Double Stroller

When you are anticipating the arrival of your second baby when your first is still rather young, you might be wondering just how you are going to manage to go on walks or going to run errands with both children in tow. A double stroller is going to be your best friend in such instances.

A double stroller that can be easily collapsed and stored for transport in your car will be your go-to item when your second baby arrives. Your older child will be able to sit safely and comfortably for your outing while your newborn can relax and rest while taking in the fresh air.

3. A Bigger Diaper Bag

As you well know, after already having one baby around, your diaper bag is one of the essential items that you own. With that in mind, even if your first child is a bit older, you are going to want to invest in a bigger diaper bag before your second arrives. With all of the snacks and backup outfits that you will need to have on hand, you won’t want to compromise on space when it comes to the diaper bag.

4. A Pack and Play

It might have been some time since your first child was a newborn, but you never forget just how much those little ones need to sleep throughout the day. Now that your life with a toddler or older child is likely a bit more active than it was when your first baby was born, you will want a safe and comfortable place for your baby to catch some sleep even when you aren’t at home. A pack and play make it easy to let your little one nap when visiting the grandparents or at a friend’s house for a playdate.