It’s natural for moms to ensure their child’s safety. We want our children to be safe even if they’re being rowdy. That’s why we baby-proof the house, right? However, it isn’t only limited to the inside of the house; you should also baby-proof the outside!

Children are playful little beings. This is why they’re more prone to danger in the car compared to us grownups. Sure, their laughter is contagious and makes the drive fun, but it won’t be for long if they’re hurt in an accident!

So, you should also baby-proof your car. This ensures their safety every time you go for a ride, whether it’s for groceries or visiting nana and gramps!

Do you want to baby-proof your car? Continue reading and follow our tips!

Activate child safety locks

Have you ever experienced your child threatening to open the car door during tantrum bursts while you’re on the road? It’s scary, isn’t it?

You can prevent this when you activate the child safety locks in your car. These work by disabling passengers to open the car from the inside. In short, you can only open the door if you pull the handle from the outside.

Activating the lock depends on your car’s model. For example, you can activate child safety locks in VinFast cars by inserting a mechanical key and rotating it clockwise. So no more “I’ll jump outside'” threats when you’re on the go!

Disable power window switches

Open windows might be an effective way to prevent motion sickness, but it’s still dangerous for your child. Remember that one scene in the movie Hereditary? Yikes!

You can deactivate your car’s power window switches instead. This stops anyone other than the driver from opening their windows.

You’ll find the switch on the driver’s seat, next to the power window controls. Sure, it might get stuffy, but it’s worth it knowing your child won’t get hurt by popping their head or hands outside the window!

Use the right car seat for your kiddos

Car seats ensure safety and comfort during a car ride. But when not properly installed can lead to fatal injuries.

Children get bigger as they grow.¬† This is why car seats have varying types depending on a child’s weight and age. Using the proper type of car seat allows your child to sit comfortably, ensuring their safety while you’re on the go.

But wait! Even if you use the right type, you still have to install it properly or else it won’t work! So, make sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s manual so that you can assure you’re doing it right.

Car rides are a great way for family bonding, but it turns into a nightmare when you get hurt. This is why we follow basic safety measures in the car, such as fastening seat belts and no drunk driving.

However, if you’ve got playful children in the family, you might want to take additional steps! Follow our tips and ensure a smooth and safe drive for you and your family.