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I’ll be the first to admit, I never ‘wore’ my first two kids. I did have a baby carrier for my first child but we rarely used it (just a few outings when he was teeny tiny), and for my second child I was given a sling baby carrier but felt so uncomfortable having baby in it I ended up holding her the whole time (good thing too as it ended up being recalled after several infants died from using it – momtuition!).

What about a baby wrap?

Wraps were a whole different story. I was a little intimidated by all that fabric and really didn’t think I would be able to successfully use a wrap. I’m glad I decided to give it a try this time around!

My baby girl is just over a month old now, but about a week ago we all got a little sick. When you are a teeny tiny baby or a breastfeeding mom you don’t get to take any medication so the two of us just suffered through. My poor baby girl just wanted to be held all the time.

For a parent with two other kids holding your infant all the time can make things challenging. I still needed to help with homework, get dinner on the table, and do whatever else needed doing around the house. My Moby Wrap made this possible. I could snuggle my baby girl right up next to me and carry on. She was happy and I was happy.   

moby wrap

It is easier than it looks!

As far as being intimidated by ‘all that fabric’ – I honestly don’t know why I was so nervous. Tying the wrap was one of the easiest things I have done. The instructions that come with the little booklet are very clear and I had it down after one practice run. If you are in need of a little more guidance, you can find extra help via Youtube videos, although I didn’t find they were necessary.

Here is how you tie the wrap:

moby wrap wrappingmoby wrap wrapping 2

And here is the newborn hold I had my baby girl in:

moby wrap 1 moby wrap 2

The fabric itself is lightweight enough that you don’t feel burdened by it, yet sturdy enough that you don’t feel your baby is going to fall out or not have enough support. So far I am loving the Moby Wrap, and can’t wait to use it even more over the summer as we have more outings!

Is ‘baby wearing’ just for attachment parents?

I am not an attachment parent by any means. In fact I prefer to follow the teachings of Janet Lansbury (following Magda Gerber), and use the RIE philosophy which advocates giving baby more time on her own to adapt to her new environment outside the womb. I do, however, believe there are times when wearing your baby is either just more ideal or even necessary. Having a Moby Wrap in your arsenal is not a bad idea, and one that I would suggest to any parent no matter which parenting philosophy you adopt (if any).


So tell us…
Did you ever use a baby wrap for your baby?