Things have changed since the last school year and many schools have delayed opening. While many students may be excited to finally resume school, it’s important to be aware of changes that may have been implemented due to the pandemic. Different states have different policies regarding their public school systems. When it comes to private colleges and universities, there are even more variations in policies. Thus, it’s important to be aware of your specific school’s changes. Here are five tips for returning back to your school once it reopens.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to read any and all information sent by your school. Many schools have implemented specific college policies during COVID-19. These policies can include regulations regarding social distancing, mask usage, and classroom conduct. Some schools may have changed the times of classes. 

To avoid students from falling behind, several schools are making preparations for catch-up classes. This may mean beginning the year with a refresher or remedial classes, after-school activities, or extra assignments to be completed at home.

Adhere to Social Distancing

To limit the transmission of the virus, the general guidance is for students and teachers to remain at least 6 feet apart. Some studies have indicated that spacing desks at least 3 feet apart and preventing close contact may have similar advantages especially if students wear face masks and do not have symptoms of the disease. Teachers and workers should, where possible, keep 6 feet away from other adults and from pupils.

Create a Schedule

Setting a weekly list of goals can be beneficial to your success. Look at your course syllabus and measure out the work you need to do every week. Create a schedule in order of priority for what needs to be done. The schedule should also include any activities you are involved in, family events, or jobs. In a time where a lot of classes have transitioned to an online format, being proactive with your schedule is more important than ever.

Embrace Online Learning

Even if your school opens up for physical classes, it’s important to realize that classes could go back to an online format if a large outbreak occurs. Thus, it’s important to be ready for online learning. Be sure that you have reliable internet access and a quiet space to work from. If you cannot afford internet access, there may be subsidies or low-income programs available to help you.

Be Mindful of Burnout

The pandemic can bring a lot of stress, especially for college students. It’s important to take care of yourself. Consider exercising regularly, taking regular breaks, and staying in contact with family. Doing these things can help you maintain your mental health and motivation. Also, be diligent in following school policies throughout the entire school year. It can be tempting to skirt the rules and think they are overly strict as time goes on. But neglecting crucial public health measures can result in the uncontrollable spread of the virus and expose you to disciplinary actions.