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I just got over being sick this summer and it was a drag. I felt miserable, I had no energy, and I didn’t get much accomplished even though my to-do list was a mile long. We all know being sick sucks, but being sick and having a sore nose sucks even more. This recent bought of illness just reminded me that we need to be prepared for cold and flu season because it is coming!

How We Are Prepared For Cold and Flu Season At School

Not only am I a teacher at a local technical college, two of my kids will be heading off to school in a few weeks. I know exactly what happens once you get all those germy little hands together in one place — sickness spreads! This is why I like to keep my kids’ classrooms well prepared and stocked up for germ fighting and soothing soft tissues for when those runny noses start, because you know they will.

What Do I Send?

I typically send a container or two of disinfecting wipes, loads of Puffs Plus Lotion for the class to use, and give my kids a thing of hand sanitizer that they can keep on their backpacks. I also make sure to stress the importance of handwashing with each of my kids. 

prepared for cold and flu season at school

Back To School and Donating Supplies

We went in to meet teachers this week as we will be out of town for back to school night. My daughter was super excited that she got to pick her desk since she was the first one to visit the class. She had fun loading up her desk with her supplies, and we were sure to bring our Puffs Plus Lotion to give to her teacher for the class to use.

prepared for cold and flu season at school with puffs

It is so easy to get a classroom supply of tissues at Sam’s Club because they come in these 10-packs. There is enough to send a few boxes with each of my kids plus stock every room in our house.

Puffs Plus Lotion at Sams Club

How We Are Prepared For Cold and Flu Season at Home

At home, I know what my kids are doing, or at least I like to think I do. I can make sure hands are getting washed, toys are getting cleaned, and try to keep as much sickness away as possible. When it eventually does find it’s way into our home, I like to have a supply of Puffs Plus Lotion stocked in every room. These tissues are the best because they are so pillowy soft and they don’t make your nose all scratchy from having to wipe it all the time.

We also have the normal cold/flu remedies at the ready (children’s medicine, thermometers, bears that have those freezer packs in them, and a good selection of movies — because if you are sick you get to pick a movie to watch in our house). 

Stocking up on items is super easy at Sam’s Club. The Puffs Plus Lotion is new to the club and comes in a 10-pack. Perfect for stocking the house or for donating to schools.


What about you? How do you Prepared for Cold and Flu Season?

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