There are those of us out there (me included) that sometimes have no clue when it comes to all things makeup. While I have been learning a lot lately as I delve into learning about the makeup line in my NYR Organic business (they have great skincare and beauty items, makeup is one I am learning more about), I have found a ton of useful information that I’d love to pass on to others who are makeup challenged.

One of the first things on that list is makeup brushes. Like seriously, why do we need 50 brushes to beautify our faces? Okay, okay… I do love how some people just get that completely glamorous look and have often been kind of jealous as to how they achieve such radiant beauty, so I found a great tutorial to show exactly what all of those brushes should be used for!

Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brushes



Choosing Organic Makeup

We have a great line of brushes and make-up products available at NYR Organic, and all of our products are paraben free, GMO free, silicone free, phthalate free, propylene glycol free and there are no synthetic fragrances (scented only with pure organic essential oils)!

My favorite items so far are the lengthening mascara and the lip gloss. What are your faves?

Organic Make Up

This month’s specials at NYR Organic:

FREE Goji Berry Lip Gloss Customer Offer jpeg


So tell us….

Did you know how to use all those makeup brushes, or were you just as in the dark as me?