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I love a good book. Even better, a book that is full of suspense, drama, and keeps you reading into the wee hours of the night because you just cannot put it down! That is exactly how I would describe the new Novel by B.A. Paris, Behind Closed Doors

I’m not saying that it is easy for me to make time to read since I’m usually chasing after one of four of my kids, working away in my home office, or taking care of the daily needs of our home (that seem to always be ever so mounting). But I love to read, so I try to carve out some ‘me time’ every so often to dive into a new book. If I hear about a new book that is supposed to be good, I’m all over it. 

behind closed doors mommy time

Which is why when I heard about Behind Closed Doors I was determined to find time to read it. Other’s have said:

  • “2016’s Answer to Gone Girl.” – Women’s Health
  • “If you like fast and frantic stories, you’ll love this” – The Sun
  • “What amazing evil. Makes GONE GIRL seem like a fairy tale” – Jackie Willey, Fiction Addiction
  • “An intense tale that makes us wish for revenge and payback. Wow!” – Stephanie Crowe, Page & Palette
  • “A wonderfully horrifying book! Riveting, the most terrifying character ever!” –  Susan Wasson, Bookworks

A Brief Synopsis (no real spoilers here):

Jack and Grace live the perfect life in a beautiful home. They are in love and travel together frequently on vacations. Jack has a great job as an attorney and has never lost a case. He’s handsome and he’s well mannered, and anyone would love to be his partner in life.

Grace is beautiful, generous, and an all-around nice girl. She takes care of her younger, disabled sister, and she has lots of friends. She also has a great job that allows her to travel a lot, however, she chose love over work so she could be home more with her newlywed husband.

Jack takes very good care of his wife and provides her everything she could ever need or want, he never leaves Grace’s side. It isn’t possible for anyone to talk to her on her own because they are inseparable. Are Jack and Grace really such a close couple or is something else going on?

Review of Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is a page turner from the very first page. This book keeps you asking for more….and just as you are about to get into it, the author uses a great tactic of switching between present and past tense to tell the story. It works very well in this book to help paint a picture of what is really going on and brings even more suspense to the already gripping story.


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It is a very easy read, especially since I didn’t want to put it down. The only part of the book that I didn’t like the best was the ending. I felt like there was all this suspense and build-up that took a long time to get to, and then it was over really fast. For me, a few extra twists and turns would have been nice. It almost felt like the author was ready to be done and wrapped it all up in a nice bow. 

Overall, I say you should read it as it is very enjoyable (although the next “Gone Girl” is a bit of a stretch). 


Now go get your copy of Behind Closed Doors today!




I received a copy of this book from SheSpeaks. Opinions are my own.