There is no denying that the world has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people in every corner of the world have been forced to change their daily routines and isolate themselves from friends and family. This kind of relative upset to everyday routines can be highly stressful for many people. On top of the threat of infection, people are concerned about their finances, their children’s education, and continued separation from dear family members. This kind of strain has created a dramatic increase in feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Most of the pandemic headlines are focused on the physical threat of becoming infected. In reality, much of the disruption to the public has more to do with mental health. Being in quarantine, suffering financially, and adapting to a new family lifestyle is causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

With most non-essential businesses being forced to close their doors, digital resources for counseling have been a saving grace for many struggling. Having a professional therapist to discuss your anxieties and concerns can be a great way to manage stress. Let’s look at a few benefits of online counseling during the pandemic.

Wider Choice of Therapists

If you are seeking a therapist during normal times, you would only have a choice between local professionals. Thanks to the expansion of online counseling services that has exploded during the pandemic, patients have a much broader selection of therapists. Professional counselors from any corner of the world and practicing in various mental health specialties are now readily available for therapy online from anywhere in the world.


In most countries, governments have instituted strict quarantine restrictions. This means that heading out to a counseling session could be difficult. With online counseling, patients can stay safely in their own homes, restricting their movements and contact with too many people. Face-to-face therapy sessions can be done using video conferencing platforms like Skype or Zoom, ensuring that both parties are appropriately socially distanced.

Comfort Zone

One of the reasons that many patients put off getting help from a therapist is that they are uncomfortable visiting a formal office. Being in a safe place, like a home, can help patients feel more comfortable discussing their issues. Online counseling doesn’t require patients to visit an unfamiliar and possibly intimidating environment of a therapy office.


Online therapy costs only about 10% less than in-person therapy, but there are more savings than you would think. Conducting online therapy at home can save valuable time and money. There is no need to commute to an office with online therapy and spend the extra gas money to make your appointment. There are no expensive parking charges with online counseling, and you won’t have to chip away at your paycheck by leaving the office early to make your therapy appointment. Talking to your therapist online from home can also eliminate the need to hire a babysitter. 

Online counseling benefits are helping patients find the advice and therapy they need to cope with the pandemic successfully. Online therapy is more affordable, convenient, and gives patients more control over their choice of counselors. Get online today to find a therapist that can help you cope with the stress of the pandemic.