Take a minute and spoil your pet with the best dog treats and toys for your Boxer! 

loving pets puffsters

Thank you to Loving Pets for supplying me with pet products such as treats, toys, and feeding supplies, so that I could write this review. The best dog treats and toys for your boxer opinions are solely my own.

When it comes to who gets spoiled the most in my house, the dogs are probably at the bottom of the list. (Don’t let them fool you, though, they are still very spoiled!)  We do not buy treats and toys often, but when we do, we ensure that the treats and toys they get are good for them! Let’s face it they still deserve the best! The best dog treats and toys for your boxer can sometimes be some surprising things!

We recently got some really amazing goodies that we would like to share with you!

Loving pets emmie2

First off, we all know that around here that we really think about healthy foods when it comes to our kids. We also take the same care and planning when we feed our pets! It is a good habit to always research dog food and dog treats before trying anything new. (Click here to see if your dog food is a good match). You also should limit the amount of table foods your pet(s) inhale. Just because it is right for you, doesn’t mean it’s right for your pet! Some of the calories in a single serving of one item is enough calories for your dog for the week! 

Introducing Puffsters! 

I love finding dog treats that are 100% natural,  and made in the U.S.A! Plus, they have no addictive, glycerin, preservatives, corn or soy! Keep in mind that every pet’s stomach is different and their reaction to ingredients will be different! Make sure you get to know your pet, allergies to certain foods, or grains can be very common. 

loving pets 1

It took my 4 legged kids a bit to figure out the “puffsters” “puff” texture, but once they figured out it was a treat and it was delicious, I had a hard time getting good photos. Wagging tails, body wiggles, and squirms don’t photo well!  I did, however, get this lovely shot of Ms. Emmie licking her lips, as I pass her a tasty Cranberry and Chicken Puffster!

Loving Pets Yum

 Here is Watson waiting patiently for his treat! Stunning young man, waiting so nicely!

Loving Pets Watson

Don’t stop at having great food, make sure the bowl is amazing too!

loving pets 2

These bowls are so fashionable and sophisticated, but leave you worry free by being bacteria resistant. I would also highly recommend the Gobblestopper for pets that eat too fast.  When pets eat too fast they can become bloated, which is the #2 leading cause of death in dogs, #1 being cancer. Gobblestopper slows eating by up to 500%! Comes in a variety of sizes to fit your dog, and bowl!

Loving Pets Gobblestopper

We also got some really great toys recently! I love toys that can with stand their play, and are safe! Watson and Emmie loved a squirrel toy, fought over it even! I didn’t dare tell them it was a cat toy!

Loving Pets Plush Player - Squirrel

Emmie has adopted this little guy, as her newest baby!

She just carries him around and refused to play or be rough with it. I love that the arm/legs are the same pieces that aren’t attached to the rest of the body, so if she wanted to tug, it wouldn’t rip or come off! There is also a slight squeak, because well let’s face it, that’s is very important in a favorite dog toy! 

best dog treats and toys for your boxer

How do you spoil your Dog?

What are your best dog treats and toys for your boxer? 


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