Best Ever Loaded Turkey Nachos

I don’t know about you, but I love nachos! I especially love homemade nachos with real cheese that is all gooey and melty all over. Yep, I’m a cheese lover. I have also realized I really like making my nachos with ground turkey instead of beef. I love the taste, and it is less greasy when everything is said and done so that is a huge plus for me.

I just made a huge pan of nachos the other day thanks to some ground turkey I received from Jennie-O, and they are so simple and easy to make that even the most novice of chef can whip this up — plus it would be great fun to do with the kids!

Best Ever Loaded Turkey Nachos

All you need are a few tortillas, some cheese, fresh veggies of your choosing, and some ground turkey. Cook the ground turkey until done. Place tortillas on a baking sheet and spread the turkey evenly over the tortillas. I like to use blue corn tortillas just because I think they look cooler, but you can use your favorite.

Loaded Nachos - Beef

Next layer on your veggies of choice. I have to admit that I very much dislike raw tomatoes, but once they are roasted in the oven they just have this delightful pop of flavor that I truly love! Peppers are a great choice as well.

Loaded Nachos - veggies

Layer on the cheese. I believe I used a full two cups of cheese here. The more the better because once it melts it shrinks up a bit and you’ll be wishing you added more.

Loaded Nachos - cheese

Bake until the cheese is melted and has browned around the edges. Mmm, doesn’t that look so yummy!

Loaded Nachos - cheese melted

If you’d like to add some additional toppings at this point feel free. We like to use sour cream, avocado, and lettuce, but you can enjoy these wonderful nachos just the way they are and they make for a tasty treat!



So tell us…

Have you ever made your own oven nachos before?