There are many directions you can go when planning a birthday party. You can decide to theme a birthday party around interests, places, or even colors. No matter what direction you choose to go with the next birthday party you plan, there are so many ways to make even the simplest party unique. Here are the top 8 unique birthday party ideas you should see.

Boho Floral Themes

One simple and fun idea is a boho flower theme. Finding inexpensive fake flowers is simple, and therefore this theme can be one way to go big without having to break the bank. Boho floral themes are also mature and sophisticated, making them a perfect choice for teens and young adults who have outgrown more childish birthday themes but who still want an opportunity to celebrate. This theme also allows for fun cake ideas, including fun icing flowers on a naked cake.

Ice Cream Party

If the person who is turning a year older isn’t a fan of cake, focusing the party around ice cream can make for a happier birthday boy or girl and a fun, unique theme. An ice cream cake or an ice cream sundae bar are two ways to focus your sweet tooth around ice cream, and making the decorations look like ice cream will bring the theme together.

Tropical Theme

A tropical theme is one that will be easy to find fun colors and simple party supplies for. Brightly colored balloons and streamers, coconut drink containers, and a small wading pool will turn your home into a tropical-themed paradise. In addition, you can encourage your guests to have fun by dressing for the theme, with Hawaiian shirts and leis two simple ways to make the theme all-encompassing without a huge amount of effort.

Sophisticated Metallic Themes

If you want to theme your birthday party around a color theme, consider metallics rather than matte colors. Metallics are instantly eye-catching and lend an air of sophistication to your party. It will be more unique, and you won’t have to worry as much about different shades of partyware making your theme unattractive to the eye.

Rainbow Theme

On the opposite end of the color theming spectrum, a rainbow themed birthday is a fun and colorful type of theming. It is especially appropriate for a young child who will be delighted by the bright and varied colors. In addition, by adding food coloring to vanilla cake, you can easily make a rainbow themed cake that is deceptively simple to make and very impressive to see.

Balloon Theme

Focusing your birthday party theming around one type of decoration is another way to have a unique birthday party. A balloon theme, for example, can include a multitude of colors, shapes, and ways of incorporating balloons into all aspects of your birthday party’s design. There are even services, such as the decorations from, that will make balloon arches and other balloon shapes to order, allowing you to have an even more unique and memorable balloon themed aspects to your decoration.

Combining Elements

Another easy way to make your birthday party unique is to combine two traditional elements to create something entirely new. For example, you could serve champagne-flavored cupcakes in champagne flutes. You could decide to serve pie or brownies instead of the more traditional cake. You could even combine a few different but complementary themes to make a new, hybrid theme that is entirely yours.

Candy Buffet 

Another way to shake up the traditional cake and ice cream is to instead have a large candy buffet with lollipops, chocolate, gummies, and other popular types of candies. This will allow your guests to satisfy their sweet tooths to their exact preferences and will make your party memorable compared to the usual cake and ice cream.

With these 8 simple and unique birthday party ideas, you will have a birthday party to remember. Whether you are planning a party for your child, your best friend, or another loved one, you won’t have to look far to find fun and unique birthday party ideas.