My daughter just loves to color.  Luckily she has been really good about only coloring on paper or coloring books, but I know sometimes she gets bored with that.  She is really into painting as well because she has a better chance to create something fun when she is not confined to what is just in the pages of the coloring books.  So when I came across the Blankz line of pets I was intrigued because it is a stuffed animal that you can color, wash, and color again!  You can design it to wear clothes, just color it in, or put on some silly expressions.  If you don’t like what you have drawn you can start over by simply washing it and beginning again.

We received our Blankz right before my daughter’s third birthday, perfect timing!  I wrapped it up and had her open it as one of her gifts.  Isn’t it always more fun when things come wrapped up as a gift, lol!  Even though she had quite a few other gifts, this was one that actually got an excited reaction out of her.  I don’t think she knew what it was right away, but she was excited that it was a pig.  🙂

Later on we had a chance to actually try it out.  It comes with five markers designed specifically for use with the Blankz because the markers are washable.  Our pig, Bloink, is really cute to begin with but she got to work on making him even cuter.  My daughter is pretty young so drawing on clothes or more advanced drawings is probably not in her repertoire right now, however, she just liked the idea that she got to color him in.

Here is the blank Bloink (say that three times fast!):

Here she is in action:

Thoughts on the Blankz:

The pig is very easy to color and my daughter really enjoyed it, however, the markers do tend to stain the skin.  Until the ink is dry it does seem to come off the pig quite easily with contact, so you have to be careful where you set it down (like not on a nice rug or on fancy carpet).  As far as wash-ability, the markers are truly washable, the ink comes off easily but it does take a bit for the pig to dry before you can use it again.  My daughter was very proud of her creation so this is definitely something the kids enjoy, you just have to be careful of the mess the markers could make!



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Written by Jesica.

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