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I don’t have to tell you that life with kids is busy. Plain and simple. So how do you sneak in a little treat for yourself or a little ‘me-time’ to just get away from all the chaos once in a while? 

What can you do so that you have your very own special stash of goodies that the kids have no knowledge of, and you don’t have to share?!

Simple. You make a stash box!

MomME time How To Make A Stash Box

How to Make A Stash Box Tutorial

This project takes 2-3 days to complete due to the time required for the glue to dry, other than the long drying time it is quite a simple project. Here is how to make a stash box:

Materials for Step 1 (day 1):

Supplies Stash Box Day 1.1

  • An old book you no longer plan to read. It should be approximately 2-3 inches thick, and I recommend a hardcover book for this project.
  • A clear-drying glue such as a decoupaging or tacky glue
  • A paint brush you don’t plan to use for painting.
  • Two plastic bags (to cover the parts of the book you don’t want glue on).

Directions for Step 1 (day 1):

Place a plastic bag over each cover plus a few pages. This will be the part that you do not glue so it still looks like a regular book when you are done. 

Stash Box Step 1

Next, hold the interior pages tightly together and cover each side with glue. Try to keep a clean, thin layer so that it dries without any clumps (otherwise, it will be noticeable that something is different about this book). The glue dries clear so you won’t see any whiteness after it dries.

Stash Box Step 2.1

Be sure to do all three sides. Don’t worry about getting any on the plastic as the plastic won’t adhere to the book.

Stash Box Step 2.2

Once you have finished gluing, simply set the book down as normal (cover side down) and place a heavy object on top to help the pages stay stuck together while the glue dries. I simply use a cast iron skillet because I know it isn’t going anywhere if I do that (I place a paper towel under the skillet to avoid any glue accidentally getting on my pan).

Stash Box Heavy Object

Allow the glue to dry for approximately 12 hours, then remove the plastic bags. The insides will be glued together, yet you will still have a normal cover and a few pages that still look to be part of a regular book.

Stash Box Step 3

Materials for Step 2 (day 2):

Stash Box Supplies Day 2

  • Your pre-glued book.
  • A ruler and pencil for marking where to cut.
  • A knife for cutting out the pages.
  • The decoupaging glue from the day before.
  • Treats to put into your completed Stash Box. 

Directions for Step 2 (day 2):

Take your ruler and pencil and make marks on the inside of the book where you would like your cuts to be. I recommend at least 1/2 inch inside each edge. 

Stash Box Step 4.1

Draw lines to mark a path for cutting. You don’t need to be perfect here, but the line will give you a nice path to follow.

Stash Box Step 4.2

Then simply begin making your cuts. This is the most tedious part of the whole process as it will take some time, and several many, many cuts to get through the pages. 

Stash Box Step 5

Remove the pages as you go. Repeat this process many times over until there are just a few pages left.

Stash Box Step 6

Once you are nearly to the end of the book you want to stop so that you have a few pages left. These pages will act as the ‘shelf’ for items to rest on.

It is okay if your cuts are not perfect. At this point just clean up the edges a bit so you can apply more glue. If you accidentally cut too far and pierce the final few pages all is not lost. The glue will help stabilize your pages.

Stash Box Step 7

Grab your decoupaging glue and coat the interior edges with glue. Be sure to get into the corners really well. You can apply it a little thicker here as no one is meant to see the inside but you.

Stash Box Step 8

You will need to allow the glue to set for about 12 hours once again, however, I left my book outside on a breezy day and the glue dried in just a few hours. If you do this, be sure to prop the cover open with something.

Once the glue is set, you will be ready to place your sweet rewards.

Stash Box Sweet Rewards

Sweet Rewards Stash Box

Soon you will be completely Above Suspicion when you want to sneak one of your yummy sweet rewards!

Above Suspicion Stash Box Sweet Rewards

see what I did there? :)

p.s. I totally dig these NEW Betty Crocker™ Sweet Rewards. They are soft baked bars that really deliver on a highly indulgent treat, yet in a convenient, single-serve bar that just so happens to fit right in my stash box! And come on, as moms, we totally deserve a little bliss – even if we have to create our own moments here and there.

Sweet Rewards Stash Box Cookie


Have you ever tried a DIY project like this before?
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What would secret reward would you put in your box?


Need even more of a walk-through? Check out this time-lapse video of the whole process!


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