Whether you have an artistic career, you undertake a variety of creative hobbies, or you feel you are lacking in the creativity department, leaving room for a little imagination and innovation in your life can be fun and simple.

If you like the idea of being creative every day, get your little ones on board with some of these innovative ideas today!

Screen Time Can Be Creative Time

Like many children today, yours are probably glued to the iPad or computer screen whenever they get the chance. Why not encourage them to use creative software when they are using electronic devices?

Learn how to add fonts to Mac here and show your little ones the excitement of designing on a computer. They can create their own posters, storybooks or signs using a Mac and there won’t even be a mind-numbing computer game in sight!

Many PC and/or android devices have the same capabilities and you may be surprised at the fun creations your budding designer comes up with!

Make Gifts for Their Friends

It may feel like your kids are invited to birthday parties every other weekend. It can become quite tiring and tedious trying to find the perfect gift for each one of the friends, so why not get crafty?

If you can’t quite face making a gift, you could have fun making birthday cards together. Cutting, gluing and coloring is endless fun for children and allows their imaginations to run wild. Plus it will save you the hassle of running to the store for yet another birthday card!

If you are really into card making and want to take it up a notch, check out the creative possibilities you can make with a Cricut cutting machine.

Get Crafty in the Kitchen

Like most moms you probably find yourself locked in the kitchen for hours and hours every day. You want to make sure your family gets nutritious and delicious dinners every day, but why not get your kids involved in the process?

There are so many ways to create exciting recipes with your children, especially if they happen to be fussy eaters. Allowing them to play and experiment with food can broaden their taste buds and give you an excellent sous chef when you need it.

Allow them to Think Outside the Box

On a gloomy, rainy day it might be tempting to turn on Netflix and allow your little ones to fester on the sofa. Next time you are in this situation unplug the television and Wifi and see what kind of games the kids can come up with. This will allow them to use their imaginations like never before and stretch their creativity to new levels. Maybe they’ll put on a play and you’ll know they’re a budding stage director like Travis Preston or perhaps they’ll design a new board game and you’ll know they’re a budding video game programmer, who knows!

Kids are natural explorers and raising a creative child is a lot easier than you might think. Start by changing your own mindset and watch as the creativity blooms!

Instead of advocating movies and television, why not build a fort in the living room? Throw away your usual Friday night takeout menu and get creative in the kitchen.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creativity so start exploring the array of options available to you and your little one today.