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Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a voracious reader. As a parent and homeschooling mom, I hope that I can pass my love of reading along to my kids. I am always on the lookout for books that my children will be interested in reading while simultaneously offering some literary value to them (e.q. new vocabulary, a rich story, etc.)

My youngest two children and I are currently enjoying The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set based on the books by Gertrude Chandler Warner and published by Albert Whitman & company. When I say we are enjoying these books, I genuinely mean it. My kids have asked for these four books to be read to them on repeat for the last few weeks!

Why Time to Read® Books?

The Time to Read® early reader program is designed to guide children to literary success no matter their age or grade level. You can choose the appropriate level of book according to the stage of reading readiness for your child. The Boxcar Children Early Reader is geared toward ages 5-7, or grades K-2 and provides a great stepping stone from picture books into chapter books.

My hope in reading these books with my children was that chapter books would become more of a norm. In that, I can say we have had success! Since reading the first four books in the series (did I mention how we’ve read these over and over again?), my 6 yr old has asked me to read other books of similar length, some with minimal pictures to guide the way.

The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set

This set includes the first four books of Gertrude Chandler Warner’s classic series, adapted for beginning readers—The Boxcar Children, Surprise Island, The Yellow House Mystery, and Mystery Ranch.

In the first book of the set, The Boxcar Children, we learn all about the Alder children and how they got that Boxcar Children nickname. While this early reader is a modified version of the original, full-length book of the same name (as are all the early reader books in the series), it does not lack in substance or quality. 

In Surprise Islandwe get to go on summer vacation to Grandfather’s island. As the children explore, the children unravel a mystery or two and get a few surprises. This story is full of excitement, danger, and adventure — everything a young reader needs to be hooked!

We are back on Surprise Island to learn the secret of The Yellow House Mystery in the third book of the series. Will the Aldens figure out why a man disappeared from the yellow house years ago? With another mystery to solve, we really start to get to know the Aldens and are eager to read more.

In Mystery Ranch, the Aldens head to their aunt’s ranch for the summer and make an amazing discovery. Foiling plots, saving the day, what could be more fun to a young reader?

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How I’m Using The Boxcar Children Early Readers

My kids and I have really enjoyed the first four books in this series, even my eldest daughter has found joy in reading these early reader books to her younger siblings.

My kindergartner is not reading books of this length on her own just yet, so we have been using them as read-aloud books only at this point. They have been a great way to introduce lengthier books to her while providing a book that is within her reach to read soon — giving us a goal to work toward!

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