After watching The Fault In Our Stars, I can say that it didn’t end like I thought it was going to. The character I thought something was going to happen to — wrong. However, it was a great movie and one I recommend watching as it is a beautiful story and a wonderful movie to watch on a rainy afternoon (review here). Plus, there is now an extended version if you pick up a copy of the Little Infinities edition — yeah, my copy is on it’s way. 🙂

fault in our stars

If you haven’t seen this movie for whatever odd reason, check out the trailer below. I’m sure you will find that it tugs at your heartstrings, and possibly your tear-ducts, just like it did for quite a few other people.

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THE FAULT IN OUR STARS comes to Blu-ray™ and DVD with an extended version that will keep Augustus and Hazel’s beautiful infinity going even longer and have the millions of lovers of the film and book holding on to every last second. Die-hard fans of the film must get their hands on the Blu-ray™, which is the only place to find a behind-the-scenes look at how the two lover’s paths aligned in bringing the book to the screen and six deleted scenes to complete the inspirational tale.

Available Sept. 16th

Okay? Okay.