If you’ve read my Bucket List Off-Road Destinations To Take Your Jeep article, you know there are some great places you can get in your thrills. But what are some other bucket list items for Jeep lovers? 

Jeep enthusiasts know… there are some experiences that should be categorized as “musts.” When it comes to these Jeep rituals, you shouldn’t wait around and see if you find the time, you need to start planning!

Whether you just bought your first brand new 4×4 or you just picked up your third one from Lynch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, get out your pen and pad and take down this list. 

Own A Wrangler

We know your Cherokee or Grand Cherokee is great, but if you’ve never owned a Wrangler you need to add this to the top of your bucket list.

Anyone who drives a Wrangler will tell you there’s something particularly special about hitting the trails topless. Plus they’re so much fun to modify and individualize.

Owning a Wrangler is an experience that every Jeep lover should definitely have at least once.

Get Muddy

Everyone should absolutely get their Jeep covered in mud at least once. If you are truly a 4×4 enthusiast, it will be many times more than one!

Consider it your duty as a Jeep owner to hit the trail, head for the muddiest hole in the ground you can find, and dig in. Remember, don’t stop until you can’t see through the windshield anymore!

Join A Jeep Club

Off-roading is always a blast, but it’s exponentially more fun when you’re surrounded by others who are just as pumped as you are. When you join a Jeep club, you not only get instant friends to ride with but you also get inside tips on the coolest mods, the best destinations, and the most exciting Jeep events.

Most states have a local club, just hit up Google and find one close to you!

Drive In The Rain

Be a rebel and let your top down — in the rain!

Though it’s hard to describe, almost anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler will tell you that there is something unbelievably satisfying about driving topless with the doors off in the pouring rain.

Drive Cross Country

It’s one thing to go cross-country in a minivan on a family vacation, and it’s another to enjoy topless, taking in all of the sights America has to offer.

Traveling coast to coast in a Wrangler gives your trip an entirely new meaning, and it will hopefully leave you with some of the best memories you’ll ever tell your grandchildren.

Thanks to Lynch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own.