Here are 5 bucket list off-road destinations that should be at the top of your list.

Bucket List Off-Road Destinations to take your Jeep

1. Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania

Did you know Butler, PA was the birthplace of the iconic sport utility vehicle? It is no wonder that the area boasts some of the best off-roading trails in the country. Head to the Laurel Highlands, part of Western Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, if you are looking for the perfect destination for Jeep and off-road junkies.

There are tons of trails throughout the Laurel Highlands, some named and others not. You can even check out the annual Jeep Jamboree at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort that brings Jeep enthusiasts from all around the country. The Western Pennsylvania area is also home to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival.

2. Imogene Pass, Colorado

Imogene pass is a popular off-roading destination due to the fact that it is the second most elevated of any vehicle-accessible mountain pass in Colorado. You’ll reach 13,114 incredible feet with places to stop for a picnic lunch. The trail can be started in Telluride, where you can stock up on supplies. While four-wheel drive and skid plates are a must, but this is still a trail less-experienced off-roaders could champion.

Photo credit: Adam Barhan, Flickr

3. Moab, Utah

Moab has a full range of backcountry trails, from easy 2-wheel drive backcountry scenic drives to the ultimate in challenging 4-wheel drive trails, providing an opportunity for all to experience the beauty and solitude of an off road adventure.  Trails such as Secret Spire and Chicken Corners are great for beginners while Pritchett Canyon and Golden Spike will get the adrenaline pumping in even the most experienced drivers.

4. Rubicon Trail – El Dorado County California

The Rubicon Trail is now widely recognized as the premiere OHV route in the United States and has been called the “crown jewel of all off-highway trails.” At one time, it was revered as the most difficult, rated 10 on a scale of one to 10, due to its narrow passages, rocky climbs, and occasional mud hole. Because of its difficulty, the trail is recommended for short wheelbase vehicles with all skid plates in place.

bucket list off-road destinations to take your jeep

5. Dunes OHV area, New Mexico

Over 800 acres of fun is waiting for off-road enthusiasts at the Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area south of Farmington. The off-highway vehicle area contains a wide variety of topography including large sand dunes, steep to gentle hillsides, and sandy arroyo bottoms. Innumerable roads and trails exist in the Dunes, created by nearly 40 years of off-road vehicle use. The diverse landscape attracts a variety of motorized activity and provides riders a place to play, test their endurance, and improve their skills.

Safety for your bucket list off-road destinations

Enjoy your play – do it the safe way, by following these simple safety suggestions from the BLM (New Mexico):

  • Know your limitations.
  • Ride with a partner.
  • Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing.
  • Make sure each rider in your group has a map and knows where the party is headed.
  • Be familiar with your vehicle and keep it in good working condition.
  • Expect the unexpected. Take plenty of water and high-energy food. Pack a first aid kit. Avoid running out of gas and carry tools needed for minor repairs.
  • Operating an off-highway vehicle requires a high degree of skill and judgment. Ride unimpaired – don’t use drugs or alcohol.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with a headlight, ride with it on at all times. It will allow other users to see you sooner.
  • If riding at night make sure your vehicle is equipped with headlights sufficient to light an object 300 feet in front of you. Make sure your red taillights can be seen at a distance of 500 feet from the rear.

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Even more Jeep off-roading fun:

Thanks to Springfield Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram for the list of ideas!