I know first hand that it can be super hard to get the entire family together doing the same thing at the same time when you all have things going on and everyone is spread thin with busy schedules. I don’t want to let these precious childhood years slip away too fast, so this year I decided on a very simple family routine that allows us to spend time together as a family on a daily basis. 

A Simple Family Routine

This summer amidst the craziness that is travel, sports, band practice, and so many other things that fill up our day, we have tried to make it a point to spend the evenings taking a walk with the kids. So far we’ve managed to do so just about every nice day (when we are home).

simple family routine daily walks

What I really like about our daily walks is the time we get to spend together as a family. We head to the park, or simply stroll around town conversing about our day, and everyone (my husband, myself, and our four kids) are all along for the journey.

Daily Family Time

With all the crazy busy stuff we have going on the walks are a way for us to decompress and come back together as a family, however, it can get to be quite late in the day sometimes because of all the stuff we have going on. I need to make sure I don’t have hangry toddlers on my hands by packing a snack or two along with us. 

We will often take along Danimals for a quick and nutritious snack. My kids love them and always beg me to get more, which I’m happy to do!

When we pull the youngest two in our wagon they can easily enjoy their favorite snack along the way. 

The older kids have a little more balance and dexterity and can even enjoy while riding scooters!

Sometimes we also do a picnic in the park and pack along Danimals as a treat. The kids think they are getting something special whenever we have these fun yogurt smoothies

Choose Your Simple Family Routine

While your simple family routine may look different than ours, my recommendation is to pick something that is easy, that everyone can do, and make a plan to stick with it every day. The benefits of coming together as a family each day are exponential! 

Ideas for Daily Family Time

  • Cook together
  • Family game night
  • Read together
  • Take walks
  • Garden together
  • Build something (legos, forts, etc.)
  • Explore your backyard
  • Go to the library


Thanks to Danimals for supporting the idea of family time. You can find Dannon ® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies Strawberry Explosion® 12 pack in the refrigerated section at your local Walmart (they do need to remain refrigerated).