As we’re all starting to feel the pinch, we inevitably look for ways to save money, but now we have to find ways to earn extra money too. It isn’t the easiest thing when you have kids. You’ve got to work around them, and trying to get anything done with your kids in tow means you’ve got to find something that’s relatively low-impact or distracting enough for them. It depends on their age, but the solution might be about either bringing your kids along for the ride or helping them participate in it. So with this in mind, what can you do to earn a bit of extra money with them around? 

Taking Photographs

While there are plenty of stock photo websites that accept submissions if you’re trying to get amazing photos when you are out and about, it’s the perfect opportunity to take your children to a beach! And, in fact, this can open you up to a number of possibilities for creating amazing photos. If you have a portable drone, such as the DJI Air 2S, attaching a camera to it is the ideal way to get those amazing aerial shots. 

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go down this route. A lot of people make a living as photographers in other areas, and if you take loads of pictures of your kids, it may seem like a big leap from being an amateur photographer to a professional one, the best way for you to earn money as a parent is as a family photographer. Yes, there may be some homework you need to do and investing in the right camera, but the fact is that you can market yourself as a family photographer that knows how to deal with children. So many photographers don’t have children but also they haven’t got a clue how to get the child to smile. From your perspective, you’ve got the experience! 

Workout Teacher

Please note that we didn’t say, personal trainer! If you are looking for a way to keep fit for a living, there’s an amazing company called Fit4Mom which is a franchise that provides fitness programs for mothers that include their children. If you have an entrepreneurial flair and you’re looking for a business to build up but you don’t know what, this could be the ideal mix. If you’ve got young children you are in the right environment to feel supported but also do your job at the same time. 

One of the biggest problems we all have as mothers is that we aren’t taken seriously in a professional environment because we have children. But this is the perfect setting as you are able to run classes that incorporate strollers and you are still earning a good living from doing it. The added benefits of working out also mean that you can keep yourself at the pinnacle of fitness! If you want to add extra strings to your bow, you may want to consider a qualification in nutrition.

Running Errands

One of the less labor-intensive ways to earn money in the modern world is to do odd jobs for people. There are numerous companies out there that can get you work, for example, TaskRabbit is a great site that connects people to others who can do odd jobs within the local area. Running errands is something that we all do with our children in tow and if we’re already doing it’s one of the best ways to earn a little extra money. 

There are also other ways you can do it, such as delivering parcels but it seems that lots of people are doing it now, but as there are more people ordering online this market is only going to get bigger. If you just need to get out and about and deliver things while also making sure that your child gets to stay asleep in a moving vehicle, this is probably one of the best ways of doing it!

Completing “Online Odd Jobs”

Running errands is all well and good in real life, but sometimes we don’t have the ability to get around. For example, if you don’t drive or you are on the clock because your child needs to get back home for food, then you may find yourself limited to the home. However, completing online jobs has never been easier. You can find so many sites that give you the opportunity to complete tasks while also earning money. But the problem is finding out which are the best ones that actually pay a decent wage? There are a couple out there that you can look at. 

The sites Appen and Pactera provide a lot of work for people across the world. The work usually consists of categorizing certain types of contact. Some of the key tasks involve categorizing social media posts, moderating content to decide if something is acceptable. Additionally, you could draw boxes around important objects and images and transcribe audio. 

The great thing about these types of roles is that you will get paid for as much as you complete, rather than being given a set amount. But the more you complete, the more you earn. And this is always a good incentive because the more you could get more on top of it and potentially earn a bonus, depending on the task. There are also no other tasks involving dictating or reading sentences out loud over a device, such as your phone or a laptop. Sometimes the task will demand you do it in a certain environment. For example, it may ask you to read out certain statements in a noisy environment. So if the children are already in full swing, this is an amazing opportunity to earn some money by literally reading out items and speaking them over your phone! If you are really looking for something to do in between your children’s feeding schedules or you really are pressed for time, this is one of the best approaches out there. 

Freelance Roles

We live in a freelance economy. And if you are looking for a way to do work with your children in tow, the freelance way of life is, without a doubt, the best approach. There are so many sites like Upwork that make it easy to do jobs around your life. Ultimately, it depends on your skills and what you can offer but you could choose a wide variety of options. From the perspective of any parent, being a tutor could be a very useful one especially if you have patience with younger children. Online tutoring has taken off since the pandemic and is an amazing way for you to be able to offer help to those that need it. Of course, this is a type of role where you may benefit from having older children! However, there are plenty of organizations that need people to deliver online workshops to children. And if you are going down this route having your child in the background isn’t necessarily going to ruffle any feathers!

Being a freelancer is one of the most important ways to get that balance in your life as well. When your children are in tow, they are going to potentially cause disruptions and distractions. And this is why you can use the freelance way of life to structure everything around your children’s lives. There will be times if you need to do extra work you may have to stay up late but if you can work in a freelance capacity under a company that offers freelance work, this is the best of both worlds because, in effect, you get a regular paycheck while also maintaining a lot of your freedom.

Creating an eBook

As parents, we need to create some form of passive income. It’s constantly mentioned in guides to earn extra money by creating an eBook. The reality is that creating an eBook that sells can take a while. However, if you have the knowledge to market yourself appropriately, selling an eBook that delivers meaning in the modern world, especially as a parent, is going to help you earn a passive income. But this is why you’ve got to conduct a lot of the work upfront. 

You are in a unique position in your life because of being a parent that has to earn extra money. Arguably, creating an eBook that shows ways for parents to earn extra money is an amazing way to help those in the same position as you. An eBook is something that you can come back to and update which means that you are generating your own way to earn extra money for years.

We’re all trying to find ways to earn extra money with our children in tow. Some of these may not be applicable because your children are just that energetic and distracting! But hopefully, there are a few here that give you some inspiration so you can still earn a little something, despite feeling like there is no opportunity to get anything extra.