I know a few people with a peanut butter addiction, my mom included. She told me she eats a snack with peanut butter every single day. Every day. Yeah — I don’t know if I could eat it that often but to each their own. Come to think of it, my co-worker eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day. What is it with people and their peanut butter? Personally I need a little variety, but if you like it you like it!

I think my kids probably love peanut butter more than I do but on occasion I do like a little snack, plus when you can dunk things in peanut butter it makes it ten times better! I was pretty tickled when Hormel sent me these Skippy singles. I even hid them from the kids for a while because I actually wanted to try them.

As you can see I tried a variety of things, but I think apples still win out as my favorite peanut butter snacking tool (not pictured).

These singles are actually a great size for throwing in a lunch bag or for a quick snack in the car. I know once I tell the kids we have them they are going to disappear fast so maybe I’ll hold out just a tad bit longer — you know, for research. :)


So tell us….

How would you eat peanut butter on-the-go?