Babies grow up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could just push pause and stop time so I can relish in these wonderful childhood years just a bit longer. But alas, babies grow into toddlers, toddlers grow to be preschoolers, and then we send them off to school and our little babies are now big kids ready to take on the world.

While I may not have much time left where my little baby is still a baby (she just started crawling like last week!), I am going to enjoy every last minute of everything baby. Like this precious moment where Allison and daddy were playing pat the couch while she was practicing how to stand on her own. It was really cute, trust me. 🙂


Or the moments where she is learning how to grasp things better and better every day. Those tiny little puffs weren’t always so easy to pick up, but she has become a pro in no time!


The use of a plate isn’t really necessary at this point either, but I think she likes it. She always seems excited when I put her puffs in a bowl or on a plate, perhaps because it makes her feel just a bit bigger. Isn’t that how it always goes? When you are little you can’t wait to grow up and when you are getting older you wish time would slow down.


So yes, I wish there was a pause button I could push and just slow everything down once in a while. I know these moments won’t last forever so I’m trying to cherish them while I can.

What about you, do you have moments where you could just press pause and take it all in?


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