If you can do your job with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back, you may be thinking that you need a new challenge in your career. If you have been wallowing in complacency in your current position and are looking for a challenge, why not consider being more proactive and strive for that promotion that you believe that you’ve earned.

It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, it’s natural to want to progress, realize your ambitions, take on more responsibility and search for a greater challenge. Take a look at these three simple ways you can find yourself leaping up the career ladder.

Upskill Yourself

It’s all very well and good saying that you want a promotion, but if you don’t get your head out of the sand and actually do something to enable it to happen, you will continue feeling stuck in a rut. Take a look at the sorts of roles that you are interested in and make a list of the attributes that you feel might be missing from your resume. If there’s a common qualification that is needed that you don’t possess, get upskilling.

If you’re a nurse and want to specialize, you might want to enroll in an online midwife program to move into neonatal baby care. If you are a manager, but you need to enhance your leadership skills, why not search for an MBA to add the final shine to your resume.

There are so many options available to increase your skills in whatever area you are looking for, and these industry-specific qualifications will enhance your skill set and make you appear a more attractive candidate when you apply for jobs.

Take On More Responsibility

While at first, it may seem like you are taking on extra work for little to no reward, broach the idea of taking on more responsibility with your manager. Offer to complete the important presentation for a valuable client, suggest overseeing the performance management of a couple of staff members, and offer up valuable suggestions when there is a meeting.

By doing this, you are showing your current company just how integral you are to the business. With any luck, they will begin to value your contributions and will be more likely to consider you for a promotion. If you are deemed really valuable, they may even create a new role that gives you that challenge and responsibility you’ve been looking for.

Apply For Jobs

It may be daunting, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, but to be considered for a promotion you will have to take action and apply for the positions that are appealing to you.

Don’t use a scattergun approach and apply for every job that has the word ‘manager’ in it. Instead, select two or three positions that you feel you could excel in, and make bespoke applications to each one. Research the positions and/or company and inject some personality into your letter of application. Companies see dozens of resumes and personal statements every day, so make yours stand out.


Leaping up the career ladder involves courage, determination and a pragmatic approach. Follow this guide, enhance your skill set, improve your resume, and you should be in a new role very soon.