If you have child(ren) under the age of six you know how much fun it can be to pick out new outfits and dress your kids up.  You also know how expensive it can be to get them looking so cute!  If you are like me you want to find the best clothes for the lowest price possible, which is why I’m always looking for great deals online.  I also want to have a quality product that is going to outlast my kid, so I need to make sure the clothes I pick are from a great brand!

Recently, my daughter had a chance to try a leggings set from the Carter’s Watch the Wear fall line.  We tried the Carters Kids Clothes Stripe Top Legging Set and just love it!  My daughter, who is three, is such a fashionista already that she was thrilled to add another stylish outfit to her closet (which is bigger than mine by the way, lol).  I was happy that the clothes fit her perfectly, were cute, and were made of quality materials.



Over one hundred and fifty years ago, America only had 33 states, the nation was in the early days of oil and gold rushes and in 1859 Henry  Wood Carter would establish the H.W. Carter Co. in Lebanon, New Hampshire. That same year, Abigail Carter invented the first ever Overalls for use on railroads. Over the next ten years, H.W. Carter presents the original “Lebanon Overalls” for sale across New England. 

By 1890 H.W. Carter & Sons became the premier manufacturer of denim overalls and “work wear”. Carter’s Overalls were famous throughout the United States. The company expands to marketing boy’s overalls, as well as railroad overalls, painter pants, coats, jumpers and putting shirts eventually putting everything under the simple trademark “Carter’s”. Growing again a few years later to selling their new ski jackets, sport jackets and wool mackinaw coats, Carter’s would soon acquire the Watch the Wear Overall Company of Keen, New Hampshire and its trade name “Watch the Wear”.

Under the new trademark of “CARTER’S Watch the Wear”, H.W. Carter & Sons continued to expand and grow. Forging through the strain of the Great Depression, CARTER’S Watch the Wear workwear proudly supported American workers as they pushed forward to victory in World War II. CWW was there in coal mines, factories and manufacturing plants. And after America was all done pulling themselves up by their  bootstraps and building the American Dream one long day at a time, CARTER’S Watch the Wear was right there with them as the country shifted over to the leisure time of diners, drive-ins, and road trips.


First let me show you what we picked out!  Here is the Stripe Top Legging Set. We think it is super adorable!

My daughter loves that this has pockets!  I don’t know what it is about pockets and kids, but they just seem to like having them, and sticking all sorts of random things in them!

The back side has buttons near the top.  I think this is great because we didn’t have to struggle pulling the top over her head, and it lasts longer since you are not stretching the neck out each time you put it on or take it off.

Here is my daughter trying to show you how comfortable wearing these clothes are.  She is jumping up and down, but I think I caught her as she was going down…it’s hard to take a picture of a three year old mid-jump!

So what do we think?  Overall the set we got was great.  

Pros: Fit is true to size, meaning a 3T fits like a 3T should fit.  The outfits are cute.  My daughter really liked it and it is easy to get on and off.

Cons: The material does seem to shrink a little after you wash it so it might be a good idea to order one size up.


If you want to check out the full fall line for girls and for boys visit Carter’s Watch the Wear.  They have amazing leggings sets for girls starting at just 9.99 and hoodie sets for boys at that same price.  Plus the best part….if you click the Carter’s Watch the Wear link you will get $10 off your first order (minimum purchase of $30 required).  That means you can get three outfits for the price of two right off the bat!  Even better….you can win $25 to go toward any purchase by entering the giveaway listed below!

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Written by Jesica Helgren.
Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own!