Kids Love Forts – See Our Top Ten Fort Building Tools

My kids love making forts and it is so fun to see what their imaginations will uncover as they escape off into their magic kingdoms and secret hideouts. These awesome top ten fort building tools and kits I discovered are a great way to encourage imaginative play!

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How Legends Of Learning Is Helping Me In The Science Classroom

As a teacher, I want games that are curriculum aligned, fun for kids, and educational at the same time. As a technology lover, I really appreciate when I can bring my love of science and my students’ love of all things tech into the same space.

Legends Of Learning is finally my answer!

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FortWhyte Alive – Winnipeg’s Destination For Incredible Outdoor Experiences

If you like to give your kids opportunities to get right down and dirty with nature like I do, FortWhyte Alive offers an amazing opportunity for just that. With their hands-on approach to nature exploration, outdoor recreation, adventure, and discovery, visiting FortWhyte Alive was one of our favorite experiences during our visit to Winnipeg. 

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Pooparoos Surpriseroos – Our Favorite New Surprise Toy!

My kids are those kids that would sit and watch people open toys on YouTube all day long if I let them — yeah, I don’t get it either but I just roll with the punches. My girls, especially, love the surprise type toys where every time you open it you get a fun new surprise. 

Our latest obsession has been with the new Pooparoos Surpriseroos. This fun, whimsical, squishy little toy looked so cute we just had to try them out for ourselves!

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