I know I am probably in the minority of women out there who are not into purses or cute little handbags.  They are just not for me.  In fact, I find my purse to be more of a burden than anything most of the time.  It is so big and clunky, and anytime I want to find something I have to dig around looking for it. I have been known to call my purse the Black Hole, simply because once something goes in, good luck finding it again, lol.

Now on the other hand, if you are like me, you love your smart-phone.  You can’t really go anywhere without it because it is just so useful!  I use mine for everything, and feel a little lost when I don’t have it with me.  I mean my phone gives me directions, lets me check my email, check my Facebook statuses, and more!

So what is a girl who loves carrying around her smartphone, yet doesn’t really like tossing it in the “black hole to do?”  I mean I do need to have my credit cards and other things handy when I’m out shopping, or even just driving to work and stopping for gas.  

Luckily for me I stumbled across the Cellfolio, from the Jamie James Collection. I really didn’t even know anything like this was out in the market until I had a chance to try out a couple of designs.  I was a little skeptical at first about how this would work out for me, but I have to say, I fell in love.

When the Cellfolios arrived, they come in these cute little drawstring bags that you can reuse for something else, or just keep around to store your Cellfolio in.

The first design I tried out was the Madison, in Plum and Silver.  I wanted to try this one first because I thought I would like it better than the other one due to the fact that it had a flap that went over the phone.  

When you weren’t using the phone, I figured the flap would protect the it from damage.  Inside the flap it has two slots where you can put credit cards or identification.

The only thing I found that I didn’t like about this particular design was that there didn’t seem to be anywhere to store any cash.  I honestly don’t carry cash with me that often anyway.  I prefer to use my credit card, but if there was a time I needed to have some cash I wouldn’t be able to put it in here; I would need to keep it in my pockets or somewhere else.


After trying the Madison, I then tried the Hamptons model.  I was hoping to get the Raspberry design, but they were sold out so I got the Orange instead. Turns out I really ended up liking the Orange anyway because it stands out, and I like that.  I was also was pleasantly surprised that I ended up liking this design more than the Madison.

At first I thought I would really like having the protective flap over my phone, but NOT having it was even better!  I didn’t have to worry about un-snapping it whenever I needed to use the phone, or when I needed to pull out a credit card.  Plus my phone is a Droid Razr M, so it has protective gorilla glass anyway and I’m not worried about it breaking or scratching.

The best thing about the Hamptons model is that it has three credit card slots instead of two, and they are covered by a thin strap that snaps onto the base. The strap gives me peace of mind so I don’t have to worry about them falling out and losing them.  There still is no place for cash, but not a big deal I guess as long as you have pockets.

Both designs have a very handy wrist-strap that allows you to attach your keys, or even attach the cellfolio to your purse straps if you really feel you still need to carry one around.  🙂


The Cellfolio is very easy to attach, and I have absolutely no worries that my phone is going to come off even if I drop it.  It is attached by the sturdiest piece of Velcro I have ever seen in my life, lol.  Here is a simple video showing how easy it is to attach your phone to the Cellfolio:



I tried out the Madison model for about a week and a half, and although I did like it, I really prefer the Hamptons model for my own personal needs.  I have been using the Hamptons model for about three weeks and I am in love with how much simpler it makes carrying around the things I need!

I just love that I can take my Cellfolio with me wherever I go and not be burdened by a huge clunky purse to carry around.  If I am in a grocery store I can attach the Cellfolio to the cart with the wrist strap, and I don’t have to worry about losing it; but at the same time I don’t have this huge purse to dig through for everything.  

When I’m out for a walk, I just slip the wrist strap over my wrist and I have everything I need right there with me, and I look super fashionable too (I like to think so anyway, lol)!


Both models really are practical, and it depends on your personal preference if you would like to have a flap covering your phone or not, but either way these would make a great gift for any lady on your list!  

Teenagers, moms, heck even grandmas will love this as a gift!  I know I would have loved to get one if I didn’t already have a couple of my own!  

The Cellfolio ranges from $35 – $58 and can be purchased by visiting their website here.

Written by Jesica H.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own!