Sometimes our budget gets in the way of our creative spirit. Many homeowners and renters like redecorating their homes to breathe new life into a space. Fortunately, you can infuse your personalized style into a space without spending a penny. Simply move your furniture around to create the change in your home you desire. Moving furniture around can provide you with several benefits. Here are just a few:

Redefining Function

By moving the furniture around in your house you can redefine the space. You can swap an old playroom into a game room for the kids. You can also turn it into a new office. You can make a room with one function become a multifunctional room. For example, you may want to make your living room a living room/office combo. You can also re-purpose furniture as you redefine the space. For example, you can convert a clothing armoire to a new kitchen hutch. You can make a coffee table, a kid’s table for a playroom.

Changing the Layout

Emptying out a room can open up the space in a new way. It can also help you free your mind and commitment to the previous design scheme. This is an important step in the process because it allows you to be your most creative. Clearing out the space also allows you to focus on the original architectural pieces of the room so that you can think about how you want to highlight the assets of the space. Once all of your furniture is cleared out, you can decide which pieces that you want to keep and which pieces you want to relocate to a new area. You can also imagine portions of the space and consider whether you want to add pieces from other spaces to the original room.

As you move the furniture pieces around, you can consider the function of the room and try to arrange the pieces in a way that best achieves this function. For example, if you want an entertaining area, you may want to place several seating pieces that face each other to optimize conversations. If the main function is to view television and movies, you may want to point the movies toward the central location where the tv is.

You may also want to make small areas that are within a larger area. For example, your basement may feature a crafting area, a bar area, a game area and a TV viewing area. Your bedroom may have a small sitting area. Some steps that you can take to successfully reconfigure your space is to remember to keep the proportion and balance in your room and to keep trying. If you have a large bulky couch on one wall, you may want to place two open and airy chairs to flank the couch. Keep moving the furniture around until you create the layout that you want.

Creating More Space

Moving your furniture around can help you create more space in your room. You can move a couch so that it does not block off the rest of your room. You can move a piece of kitchen furniture to free up space to your living or dining room. You can also swap out a bulky table set for a small eat-in kitchen set. Moving your furniture allows you to open up the space so that you see how open it is when it is emptied. This will inspire you to create a more open feel when you lug the furniture back into the space.

Finding Hidden Treasures

Moving your furniture around may uncover some beautiful hidden treasures in your home. You may have a neglected table or headboard that is stored in your attic or basement. You may have covered a table with a tablecloth and forgot its unique features. You may also want to repaint or resurface a piece of furniture to help blend in with the new space.

Moving your furniture can transform your room into a beautiful new space without having to cost you any extra money. It may also inspire you to make other low-cost changes, such as painting the room or moving accessories around your home.


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