Whether you are on your first child or your third, a compact lightweight stroller is a must. Especially if you will be doing any sort of traveling…because let’s face it, who wants to lug around a huge and heavy full-size stroller everywhere? I certainly didn’t on our recent trip to Disneyland, however, my husband was worried about ‘normal’ umbrella style strollers because they are just too short for him. He refused to use a stroller that would require him to hunch over, so we were on the hunt for a lightweight stroller for tall people.

I will not tell you how many countless hours I spent researching ‘strollers for taller people’ or ‘lightweight strollers for tall folks’. Let’s just say, it was a lot.

Out of all my research, there was one stroller that stood out not only because of the height of the handles — making it easier for my husband to use — but also because it was pretty much a full featured stroller since it had a reclining seat, a basket, cup holder, and more. I knew I was going to love it before ever seeing it in person.

The day the stroller came I was so excited to try it. My 4 yr old helped me get it out of the box, and all I had to do was pop it open, snap the wheels in, and it was ready to use! The canopy and cup holder did need to be attached, but you can use it without those if you are in a hurry.  🙂

Features of the Chicco Liteway

Comparison to an umbrella stroller. As you can see the Liteway is nearly as compact when folded.

chicco liteway height comparison lightweight stroller for tall people.

It also has much taller handles which are great for tall moms and/or dads. It is a great lightweight stroller for tall people.

chicco liteway comparison

Favorite Features

Here are some of my favorite features of the Chicco Liteway (multiple photos):

chicco liteway features

The five point harness. This is a huge deal for me. The harness is designed extremely well, and without it my daughter would have been tipping out of the stroller in the upright position. We didn’t have her upright often as I feel that is just not a natural position for a four-month-old, but she did want to see what was going on once in a while so then we’d put her in one of the higher recline settings.

chicco baby dreamer

Lay flat feature, a large canopy, and foot cover. The zipper on the back allows for baby to sleep comfortably and undisturbed from outside stimulation.

chicco liteway reclined

She napped in here quite often during our time at Disneyland. If you are traveling to Disney (or any other destination), I highly recommend bringing your own stroller so you know your child will be comfortable. If you end up renting one you never know what you may get or if it will suit the needs of your child.


Here you can see all five recline settings available on the Chicco Liteway.

chicco liteway recline

Although we never used the lay flat feature for my older daughter (I felt she was too big for that), it is a great stroller for older kids too. It has a weight limit up to 40 lbs, which my 4 yr old daughter was just at the top of.


Another Disney tip: If you want to do photo ops but baby is sleeping…no problem when in a great stroller!

chicco liteway minnie

Extra Features

I love the storage basket, which conveniently removes and turns into a backpack.

Chicco stock photo

Chicco stock photo

We utilized the storage basket a lot since it fit our smaller diaper bag (a larger one probably won’t fit), and loved not having to carry everything. The only downside was that it was hard to access when baby was fully reclined. We didn’t actually try out the backpack feature because I forgot that it did that (how many strollers do that?), however, I will be trying it out next time we head out!

chicco basket and folding

The stroller is really easy to set-up and fold down (you can do it one handed). You simply step up on the bar in the back, step down on the side bar, and push forward. The automatic latch secures it and you can just pick it up and go — great for at airports when you are trying to get through security and when you are gate-checking. I actually had enough photos of me folding it down that I put together a quick video to show you how easy it is.

Baby girl gives the Chicco Liteway thumbs up — or arms up! 🙂

chicco liteway 1

A Husband’s Take

“It is a great lightweight stroller for tall people!”

When I asked my husband what his thoughts were on the stroller, since I had sought it out for his purposes after all, he told me:

  • It is my new favorite stroller.
    • That is actually a huge endorsement because he is a very critical person and getting him to like something isn’t always an easy task. He can always find fault in just about everything, so far he hasn’t had a bad word to say about the Liteway!
  • We have been wanting to go out for walks more often and this actually makes doing so a lot easier since I don’t have to struggle to push the stroller.
  • At one time, our then 6-year-old son (now 7 yrs) demanded to ride in our original monster stroller but the weight of him made the handle break.  When he was having a little meltdown recently I nervously put him in this stroller and off we went (it didn’t break, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it a lot just to be on the safe side).
  • A big problem with the regular umbrella strollers is that you basically need 2 hands on it at all times, the Chicco can easily be pushed while walking beside it with one hand…which is my preferred way to push a stroller.


So tell us….

What features are important to you on a stroller?
Were you looking for a lightweight stroller for tall persons? 



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I was provided the Chicco Liteway for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and that of my husband’s.