This is a sponsored post. Opinions and the love of a cake made in a mug are my own!

You love chocolate cake (me too!) but don’t love the time or hassle in making a whole cake from scratch just for a few bites to satisfy your urge. Enter the tastiest warm delicious treat just for you that is ready in about a minute – Chocolate Lover’s Cake made in a mug with only some water. How perfect is that?!

Cake made in a mug

I really do love a delicious treat once in a while. Something that I don’t have to share and can indulge in when I’ve had a hard day, am treating myself after an accomplishment, or simply just because.

What I don’t like is spending a ton of time making a treat when I already have so much going on. That is why the new Perfect Size for 1 from Duncan Hines is the perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat!

Freshly baked without heating your oven. Check.
Decadently delicious and ready in about a minute. Yes.
18 varieties each using only simple ingredients. Absolutely.
It’s hard to believe, but so easy to love.

Another great thing about having a really quick and easy treat like the Duncan Hines individually portioned cake mix pouches is that they are customizable.

If you are going to share your box of delicious goodness with anyone else (not saying you would), each person can add in their favorite ingredients — or you can just try it a new way each time since you’ll probably be keeping all these cake mixes for yourself anyway. 🙂

A Cake Made In A Mug – The Mom Way!

I’ve tried making mine with coffee — works great, with milk — also very good, and my latest attempt was with some cherry cola flavored beer. This one was my fave way to make the cake made in a mug as it gave it a nice cherry flavor without going over the top, and the cake had a nice airy quality. 

The one thing to note if you decide to use any type of carbonated beverage when making your cake is that it really puffed up a lot more during cooking than with any of the other liquid types, so you’ll definitely want a larger coffee mug to make it in.

It settled a bit while it cooled, but the initial cooking is when the cake rose and rose.

What about the taste?

Yeah, yeah. I know you are all wondering if these actually taste any good. I mean, how good could it be if it only takes about a minute to make? 

The answer? Really good! I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious a cake made in a mug really was. Whether you eat it as is out of the package or throw in some extra chocolate chips and topped with whipped cream like I love to do, the cake tastes great. It really is a fun way to treat yourself!


Have you ever made a cake made in a mug? Share your favorite add-ins with us!

For more information about Perfect Size for 1 or to see all 18 flavors, head HERE.

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