My family has been on this “semi-healthy” kick lately.  I say semi-healthy because we are trying to eat healthier, but we do of course still eat comfort foods once in a while.  I have to say that I’ve been really lucky because both of my kids have always loved vegetables, and neither are picky eaters.  I like to attribute this to the fact that we’ve always just given these foods to them without making a big fuss about vegetables being special, or that they “have to” eat them; but who really knows–I probably just got lucky ;-) .

My daughter especially likes broccoli, so much so that she will just pick it right off the plant and eat it straight out of the garden!  Of course eating fresh veggies is never a problem around our house due to the large garden my mother-in-law shares with us, but my work lunches can sometimes be a bit of a problem.  They tend to be a bit on the unhealthy or unbalanced side.  I will often take leftovers from a previous meal, which usually means no healthy sides to go with the main course.  If I don’t have any leftovers available, sometimes I will eat out while at work.  I do not like doing this because let’s face it, it get’s expensive!  I really need some better options.


I decided that in order to help get our pantry and freezer stocked up for my work lunches (and my son’s school lunches), I would head off to Sam’s club.  I knew I could buy large quantities of great quality foods at low prices at Sam’s.  I didn’t have any particular foods in mind, just an idea of what I wanted to be able to accomplish, so I set off with a general list to help me find the things I wanted.  Easy to prepare frozen meals are on the list, but they have to be healthy to make the cut.  The lunch box snacks need to be healthy as well.  Here is my full list of ideas:

Once I got to Sam’s Club I headed over to the frozen foods section.  I wanted to find some great healthy meals that would be easy to take to work with me.  The meals have to be easy to prepare, convenient, and healthy.  Taking a look at the frozen foods section you can see there are a lot of options:

I ended up choosing this Lean Cuisine 6-pack of Asian inspired meals:

Looking at the other options available, and reading the labels, I decided the Lean Cuisine meals were the best option for the price.  They were also one of the healthiest options available.  I have had Lean Cuisine meals in the past, and I really liked the taste so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed choosing these.  I also love that they come in 6-packs.  Buying in a larger quantity saves me time because I can just stock up my freezer without making a bunch of trips, and the price is great too!

Here is what I ended up getting during my shopping trip.  All of these items were a great price; and I feel they are all good choices for either an easy meal after a busy day, or to pack in a lunchbox for school or work.  If you’d like to see everything I took a look at while at Sam’s Club, and view my complete shopping experience, check out my Google + album to view my trip!


The next night I was able to put my Lean Cuisine meal to the test!  My husband and I both volunteer for our local Lion and Lioness clubs, so we needed a quick meal that would also be healthy for us.  This Lean Cuisine ginger garlic stir fry with chicken looks amazing!  I also love that it is only 290 calories, perfect for someone like me who is trying to watch my weight a little.

I was able to easily make the Lean Cuisine, as well cut up some fresh fruit from our garden, and we were good to go!  The fruit was a wonderful compliment to the little bit of kick the stir fry offered.  Plus, it is always great when we can incorporate some fruit into our diet.  I know I don’t eat nearly enough fruit, but I really want to start balancing out my meals more so this was the perfect option.  Not only does this meal look tasty, it actually was tasty!

My husband and I were really impressed with how easy this was to put together, and how great it tasted.  I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors in my Lean Cuisine 6-pack during my lunches at work!


Written by Jesica.

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and (Nestle) LEAN CUISINE #CBias #SocialFabric.  All opinions are my own.  

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