Choosing the right car seat for your child at any age

If you have children, or are thinking about having children, you know that selecting the right car seat can be a daunting task.

There are so many models, designs, and age groups to think about.

Do you go with a car seat that spans a large age group, or do you get one tailored to each specific age range? 

There are pros and cons of doing both, and you have to decide what is best for your family, and really look at the important factors that will keep your child safe, like weight versus age.

Important factors to consider when choosing a car seat

Weigh your child

Car seats are grouped by the child’s weight. Of course age is an indicator, but for maximum safety you need to know how much your child weighs to choose the correct seat.

Make sure the car seat is approved for your car

You need to know the seat you’ve chosen is approved for you vehicle. If you buy a seat and it doesn’t fit (this may happen in some smaller cars), when you are ready to bring baby home after the big day, you may have a problem!

Check state laws for car seats that are required for your child.

Even though a seat may state a child can be secured safely for a particular age or weight, state law may dictate a child stay in a certain kind of seat longer than what is indicated on the seat.  

The Wisconsin DOT car seat regulations can be found here: Child Safety Seat Law.  Please check the laws for the state you live in, as they may differ for each state.

Car Seat sizes and age ranges explained

Birth to 15 Months

A fantastic selection of rearward facing car seats suitable from birth. These are designed to be lightweight and easy to use ensuring baby’s safety at all times. Suitable from Birth to 28 lbs.

Birth to 4 Years

Combination car seats are suitable from birth to approx 4 years offering both rearward and forward facing options for your baby. Suitable from birth to 39 lbs.

9 Month to 4 Years

Forward facing seats for pre-school children. Offering maximum safety and comfort combined. Suitable from 19.5 lbs to 39 lbs.

3 Years to 12 Years

Booster seats are forward facing and your child is secured using the adult seat belt rather than a harness. Suitable from 33 lbs to 79 lbs.

**note — average life expectancy of a car seat is five years. Check with manufacturer guidelines as to when a car seat should be recycle and replaced.

9 Months to 12 Years

Group 1-2-3 car seats are fantastic value for money as they will see your child through from 9 months to 12 years! Group 1-2-3 seats adapt as your child grows. Suitable from 19.5 lbs to 79 lbs.

**note — average life expectancy of a car seat is five years. Check with manufacturer guidelines as to when a car seat should be recycle and replaced.


Whatever you choose, be sure it is right for you and your family, that it will fit in your car, and above all, that your children will be safe and comfortable!




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