As a new mom, finding the best bottle for a new baby is certainly a method of trial and error. Babies can be rather opinionated about what they like to feed from, and the shape and size of nipples can be quite different between brands. Here is a look at the types of bottles for sale today, their advantages and disadvantages and some specific recommendations of top picks for babies.

Concerns about Bottles

The biggest concern surrounding the sale of baby bottles is the material from which the bottle is formed. In the past several years, multiple research and consumer agencies have expressed concerns with BPA, or bisphenol A, that is found in polycarbonate plastics. Today, many states and stores will not allow the selling of bottles with BPA. Many bottles are now made out of another plastic source that does not leach harmful chemicals when it is heated or exposed to acidic substances. Some examples include those made from polypropylene or from Tritan. However, some mothers choose to avoid plastics altogether by using glass or stainless steel bottles. Of course, stainless steel can be rather expensive; glass also produces concerns with its tendency to be heavy to hold and easily broken

Major Types of Bottles for Sale

  • Bottles with disposable liners are great for ease of use. The plastic liners are often BPA-free; each manufacturer should specify this on their label. The plastic liner simply fits over the top of the bottle and can then be filled with breast milk or formula. Another reason that disposable liners are popular is that they collapse as the baby feeds, thereby decreasing the chance of air bubbles forming. However, a downside to these liners is their cost.
  • Bottles that fit with a breast pumping system make transferring milk from the pump to the bottle a breeze. These bottles screw on to the base of the pump and can then be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Angled bottles are designed to reduce air bubbles in the bottle and to make them easier to hold. Air bubbles can make a child gassy or fussy. In these bottles, the milk is forced to flow down the angle into the nipple. A slight disadvantage to these is that the angle can make them somewhat difficult to fill and clean.
  • Bottles with narrow nipples are fairly standard and are perfect for most completely formula-fed babies. However, a baby who is also breastfed may balk at using a narrow nipple since it feels unnatural in his mouth.
  • Bottles with wide mouths and wide nipples assume a shape that is similar to the shape of a breast. The nipples are often shorter as well. Babies who also breastfeed often latch on well to these.
  • Vented bottles, also called natural-flow bottles, have an extra piece, similar to a straw, in the top of the bottle to vent extra air. Manufacturers say that these bottles decrease gas and colic in babies. However, they can be a difficult to clean.

Top Bottle Picks

After considering all these choices, also spoken of in detail by Consumer Reports at, here are a few of the most popular bottles for sale.

  • The First Years BreastFlow Bottle is is perfect for babies who also breastfeed since it mimics the breast. It can be seen at
  • Evenflo creates a wide range of bottles that are a great value. These are perfect for babies who are not fussy about their bottle choice. A great example is the Evenflo Classic Clear Polypropylene Bottles seen here.
  • Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles often receive rave reviews by mothers who say that these bottles helped cure their little ones’ gassiness. An example can be seen here.
  • Playtex Nursers are some of the top rated bottles with disposable liners. They can be seen at The liners are BPA-free.
  • Evenflo’s glass bottles, seen at, are great for mothers worried about BPA in their babies’ bottles.

Choosing a bottle is a completely personal choice for both mom and baby. Every mother needs to feel justified that she is doing the best she can for her child. With the number of BPA-free choices abounding, she can do just that.


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