It is no secret by now that my husband and I have been cloth diapering our newborn, and those on my personal Facebook feed are probably sick of hearing me talk about it, post pics about it, and just share how much I LOVE it in general.

I honestly never in my wildest dreams thought I would like using diapers so much. We had even tossed around the idea back in 2007 before our first child was born, but I tossed aside the idea thinking it would be a huge pain in the patooty to have to deal with washing diapers. I mean come on…yuck, who wants to wash poop?  Well, that is what I used to think anyway!

Boy how seven years and three kids can change your mind about things!

A cloth diaper addiction

You can literally get addicted to buying diapers. Really – true story!  I just ordered four more yesterday (ssshhh…don’t tell my husband!).

So what else does a cloth diapering family need if you want to stay away from dealing with those dirty diapers? Well, we chose to use a diaper sprayer to clean the poop off our dipes until they could be washed, but of course you then need some place to store said diapers until wash day (every other day is wash day in our house).

A pail liner was of course a must since we decided to store diapers in a diaper pail. You can of course use the liner in a regular trash can, but I chose a diaper pail to help control any odor. The pail liner you choose can make a big difference though!

I was sent a pail liner from Planet Wise and it is by far much much better than one of the ‘cheaper’ ones I ordered from another company. In fact, the other one I used has already leaked after only washing it twice. Twice! The Planet Wise pail liner is going strong after a month and we have not had any leaks or odor issues. I also love all the cute designs you can get for these liners (one of the perks of cloth diapering — cute designs on everthing).

planet wise pail liner

Cloth diapering on the go

In addition to a pail liner, Planet Wise also sent me an amazing wet/dry bag. I say amazing because it truly is amazing. I actually haven’t had a diaper bag for the last four weeks (been waiting on it to arrive), so our wet/dry bag has been serving as our make-shift diaper bag and it has been doing an excellent job!

I love the fact that I can not only cart around things I need to keep dry (like extra cloths and clean diapers), but I can also put dirty diapers in the bag and they will not get my dry things wet. Another thing I love — the design of course! It is so fun and I love carrying this bag around.

I think I might end up buying a couple more bags so each of my kids have one for when we go swimming or just need a place to keep wet and dry items separate.

planet wise wet dry bag

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So tell us…

Have you ever considered using cloth? What are your reservations?