I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a good potluck. A variety of food to be had and all I had to do was make one dish to enjoy feasting in the full banquet!

I will also admit that sometimes even that one dish you have to bring can be a hassle when you are pressed for time. As much as I’d love to always make some extravagant homemade dish, it isn’t always an option.

Enter the HORMEL GATHERINGS™ Party Tray. With a party tray that consists of a variety of meats and cheeses, along with crackers, you will be sure that everyone will be delighted with your contribution – and you won’t have to even worry about bringing a dish home to wash!

hormel gatherings party tray

I absolutely love getting these party trays, whether it is a company potluck, a holiday party, or just for an evening with some friends over.


So tell us…

What is your favorite dish to pass at a potluck?


Thanks to Hormel for the great party tray!