A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend an amazing Blogger Baby Shower, hosted by The Baby Ladies. The event was held in Chicago, and focused on teaching others about newborn screening. Along with the main focus of the event, there were also lots of relevant brands at the shower showcasing some amazing products!

Each attendee at the baby shower came away with a bit more knowledge about how newborn screening helps save the lives of many babies throughout the country. We also got some wonderful gifts from the amazing sponsors, and at the end of the event there was a drawing for numerous prizes.

Since I never really win anything I didn’t expect that I would be walking away with any extra gifts, but to my surprise I actually won. Not only did I win, but I won one of the grand prizes! I got to go home with the amazing Contours Bliss 4-in1 baby stroller! To say I was excited might be a bit of an understatement. When I found out I won, I literally squealed with joy! I mean who wouldn’t? This stroller has everything I’ve been wanting. Before we came to the shower I was telling my husband how much I wanted a pram this year, and now I have a stroller that has one!


Contours Bliss – This Baby’s Got It All!

There are so many great things about the Contours Bliss stroller that it is hard to know where to start. First let me show you a few of the options you have with this stroller, including the universal adapter (this adapter works with many different brands of infant car seats such as Peg-Perego, Britax, Graco, and more), the pram mode (forward or rear facing), and regular stroller mode (forward or rear facing with a detachable foot cover).

Contours Bliss 1

Easy to use reversible lift-off seat

The seat on the Contours Bliss is reversible no matter which mode you have it in. The great thing about how this seat works is that it is made for the real mom and can be changed using only one hand! You simply push the button on each side of the stroller and lift. The nice thing about this is that you can click each side one at a time and then lift, this way you only have to use one hand instead of trying to push both buttons at the same time.

contours button

Another great feature of this easy to use lift function, is that when baby falls asleep after a walk you can simply click each side, lift off the pram, and keep baby sleeping while you bring him/her in the house! You no longer have to try to keep from waking up baby while you get him/her out of the stroller.

contours pram detached

From pram to stroller

Changing the Bliss from pram mode to stroller mode couldn’t be easier. You simply push on the tab on the bottom, lift the tab on the back, and lower the stability bar.

contours bliss pramtostroller

One more added benefit of the stroller is the removable padded liner. The insert is extra padding that is softer for young babies, and when removed reveals a simple mesh lining that is great for older kids.

contours insert

More great features of the Bliss

My husband really likes that the handle on the stroller is adjustable. He hates having to stoop over to try and push a stroller, and with an extendable handle, this one fits him perfectly! A huge canopy that completely shades your child, never flat wheels, a cup holder, bottom storage basket, and mesh pockets to hold your child’s items round out the functionality of this great stroller!

I can’t wait to bring our new baby home and take her for her first walk using this amazing stroller!

Learn more about Contours Bliss

Visit Contours to learn more about the brand and the stroller. The Bliss is available for $399 and can be found at select online retailers such as Amazon and Babies R Us.

You can also find Find Contours on facebooktwitter, and youtube! Watch the #ContoursBaby hashtag for more details and the #TBLBabyShower tag for all the fun baby shower posts!

Check out this great video from the baby shower, where Shannon and Colleen from Contours show us exactly how to use the Bliss, including how to fold it for easy storage. Pay attention toward the end when Colleen tells us why they are now involved in all fashion naming choices.  :-)


–A big thank you to Emily, from Baby Dickey, for the use of this great video!

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So tell us…

What is your favorite feature on the Contours Bliss stroller?


I was not compensated for this review, I won the stroller and chose to feature it because I think it is a great stroller!