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A Little About CosmoCamp

CosmoCamp offers interactive adventure books on your iPad or iPhone (also available in the Play Store) that include two reading modes designed to reinforce the learning experience of kids – ages 2-3 and 4-5. These wonderful storybooks were created to stimulate toddlers’ brimming imaginations and appeal to preschoolers’ taste of adventure, thanks to their bright, whimsical illustrations, funny tactile animations and educational narration mechanics. I was really interested to try out these apps because my daughter who is 6 and in Kindergarten, is really into reading and learning to read right now.

Using the apps

We downloaded three different interactive storybooks: Picnic Problems, The Incredible Ride, and The Sweet Adventure. There are three different modes of reading the books. You can choose read to me – and have the book be read to the child. Or you can choose read together, and Read-Along.

cosmo 4

My daughter is not at a level yet where she can read very well, so she enjoys having the story read to her. The best part of these interactive stories is that your child becomes part of the story. On each “page” there is a place where your child records their voice to quote a character in the book.  My daughter thought that was really cool, and likes to record each one in a different voice and tone.

cosmo 1

CosmoCamp also has several other apps available. We tried out the matching game app. What I liked about this app is that there are three different games to play. You can play the classic matching game, hide-and-seek matching, or pyramid. The pyramid matching was my 6 year old daughter’s favorite because there are more cards and it is a little more challenging. My 4 year old daughter loved the hide-and-seek mode. The mode has animals in the dark, and you match them just to their glowing eyes.  You can change the type of matching cards to be letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. So even when they are “playing” they are still learning recognition of those.

Our thoughts on CosmoCamp Apps

My kids really enjoyed these apps. I like them because they keep them entertained, while still being educational. The interactive story books are available on the App Store, Google play, and Kindle Fire. The matching game is available on the App Store and Google play. They also have two more apps available – a coloring book, and dress up game. If they are anything like the apps I reviewed, I am sure they are great as well.


So tell us…

What type of apps do you use with your kids? Do you like when apps are educational?