Craft Holiday Memories by Making Your Own Ornaments This Year!

This year we have been doing all sorts of new things for the holidays.

Perhaps it is because my kids are finally old enough to take part in some fun activities, or because I just want them to remember this as such a great time of year (just like my fond memories of Thanksgiving from my childhood).

Typically I buy a new ornament for each child every year for Christmas (a tradition started by my own mother), however, this year I thought making our own ornaments would be fun!

I actually found a neat kit from Glob. It is a bamboo paint kit, and all of the materials are sourced from natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. 


Glob paints are made from fruits, vegetables, and spices with natural ingredients and organic extracts. Enjoy fruity aromas while you paint! These water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water. Similar to watercolors, GLOB paints can also be used for a variety of arts and crafts activities. 

The vibrant pigments in GLOB have been used by different cultures throughout the ages in food, artists’ paints and body products. Go ahead, GLOB it on!


The kit actually came with everything we needed.  We got three snowflake ornaments, three paint colors, a bamboo brush, string to hang the ornaments, and fun storage tin to store the extra paint (you don’t need to use it all at once).

We got right to work!

Unfortunately the paint didn’t really do very well on the ornaments that came with the kit. The directions on the packet do say to add water very slowly (so you don’t add too much and thin out the paint), but I think my paint was still a little thin even though I tried not to add too much water.

It does say you can use it as a wood stain, but either my staining skills are not up to par (which they are not I’m sure), or this just doesn’t really work well on bamboo. I did go back and apply a secondary coat after these dried for a bit, but you still really couldn’t see the color on them at all. The paint does work great on paper though, as you can see in the picture above with my daughter!

Even though this didn’t work for us on the bamboo (probably user error…I don’t really know), the ornaments will still be hung. I think they look just fine as wooden snowflakes anyway.

This paint set is a lot of fun, AND it really does smell like the fruits and vegetables that it claims to! Smelling them was half of the fun!

If you are looking to have a little fun, get your kids involved, making your own ornaments, or just use some natural paints, you should check out Glob.


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this post, however, all opinions are our own.


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