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Whether your wife (or girlfriend) is already an avid Cricut user and loves everything crafty, or she is just getting into the crafting game, this list of Cricut gift ideas is sure to have something she’ll love!

Check out my Top Ten Cricut Gift Ideas below!

Cricut Maker

I couldn’t possibly start this gift list without the machine that does it all! The Cricut Maker is every crafter’s dream machine. Whether upgrading from a previous model or getting her very first cutting machine, she will love all the possibilities with a Maker in her hands!

Grab a Cricut Maker here today!

Cricut BrightPad

I use my BrightPad so often that I couldn’t imagine being without it. From helping me to see the cut lines in glitter vinyl easier, to just lighting up my project for taking photos, it’s a game-changer!

Grab a BrightPad here.

Cricut EasyPress 2

There are four sizes of EasyPress models and I use every one of them. If it’s in the budget, I’d recommend getting them all; however, if I were going to tell you to get just one EasyPress, I’d say go big or go home! The 12″ x 10″ EasyPress 2 gets the job done on larger projects, but it works pretty well for smaller stuff, too.

Grab an EasyPress 2 (or three or four of them).

See more projects like this one, made with the EasyPress 2, by heading to my Cricut Crafts category.

EasyPress Mat

There is nothing more frustrating than cutting out the perfect design and not being able to get it to adhere properly to your material. If you have the EasyPress 2, you should definitely have the EasyPress Mat to go with it. I never do an iron-on project without using mine and your wife will be glad to have one to go along with her new crafting tools.

No matter the size of your EasyPress, you should have a mat to go with it!

Grab an EasyPress Mat before you forget!

Cricut Access

If you want her to make the most of having a Cricut Maker, then buy your wife a Cricut Access subscription. With it, she’ll have access to 100,000+ images and hundreds of fonts. With thousands of projects that are ready to make with a click of a button, this is exactly what every Cricut Crafter needs!

Subscribe to Cricut Access today!

Safety Cutting Ruler

Many of the projects I make require some type of measuring device along with a straightedge for cutting. If your wife is making crafts, she’s going to need something that allows her to make fast, clean cuts. The Cricut cutting ruler has a protective guard that shields hands from sharp cutting tools, and a textured non-slip base to keep it in place.

Grab a safety cutting ruler here.

Essential Tool Set

No Cricut craft room is complete without the basics that make your projects happen. The essential tool set has everything you need to get started! Included are all the tools you need to slice, snip, score, weed, burnish, and trim a wide variety of materials.

Grab the essential tool set today!

Cricut Maker Tools

While these aren’t required to make your machine operate, they are nice to have so you can take your crafting up a notch! You can see a project I created with the Perforation Blade here, but consider adding the engraving tip, debossing tip, perforation blade, and the wavy blade to your gift shopping list.

Shop Maker tools here.

Knife Blade

The knife blade, just like the Cricut Maker tools listed above, can only be used in the Cricut Maker machine. If you have an older machine you simply don’t have the option to create the fun projects these extra tools allow. A great reason to upgrade!

I love using my knife blade to cut wood and have made so many projects with mine already. You won’t go wrong by adding a knife blade to your list of Cricut gift ideas for your wife.

This puzzle was cut out of Cricut chipboard using the knife blade on my Cricut Maker.

Put a knife blade in your cart here.


I don’t care if your wife is a seasoned Cricut crafter or a newbie just starting out. No crafter can create without materials! Stock up on everything from iron-on vinyl and infusible ink to faux leather, chipboard, paper, and more. Give your wife the materials to make her crafting dreams come true!

Grab EVERYTHING you need to get your wife crafting here!