You’ve seen all the fantastic projects on Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. You went ahead and bought a machine, or you are thinking about it, but you are intimidated.

You opened the box, you watched the videos, you bought the accessories, and now you’re overwhelmed. I know this because I was too, and I’ve had projects fail. But you know what? I have so much fun creating that when something doesn’t turn out quite right, I didn’t feel like it was a waste of supplies, time, or money.

By jumping in and trying some things out I learned how not to do things, and was able to create something even better the next time I tried! Mistakes will happen but don’t worry about it, use it to grow and learn and make something fantastic!

If you are still a little nervous about doing your first Cricut Maker project, check out the tips listed below. Once you are ready, give this first project idea a try. Window clings are seriously the easiest thing I have made with my Cricut Maker and they can turn your windows into something fantastic!

Cricut Maker Tips For Beginners

  • Watch the videos. Seriously, if you want to know how to do something, the best way is to watch the pro’s on Cricut’s YouTube channel.
  • Start with HTV (iron-on), which is easy to weed, then jump into weeding vinyl and more intricate designs.
  • Use a pre-made project in Design Space to get your feet wet, then explore creating your custom projects to give them that personal touch!
  • Always save your designs in Design Space frequently. You never know when you’ll have a computer issue and you don’t want to lose your entire project because you didn’t save.
  • Search #CricutMade or #CricutCreated on Instagram and chat with seasoned users. We love sharing tips and troubleshooting with beginners.

So get that Maker out of the box, and let’s create something!

An Easy First Project Using Your Cricut Maker

Want an idea for your first project? Try making these super simple window clings that turn your windows into a frosted glass design! Seriously, they are probably the easiest thing you are ever going to make with your Maker, yet they really take your windows up a notch.

Materials Needed

You really only need two things for this project. Your Cricut Maker fitted with the fine point blade and some window cling material.


Place your window cling material onto your green mat and load it into your machine. I like to burnish it down with my applicator, but you can use your hands to smooth it out.

Find the project in Design Space here: hexagon window clings (the only thing you need to do is change the size to custom fit your project).

Once you have your design set to the right dimensions, simply hit Make It. The machine will know what to do, all you have to tell it is what material you are cutting.

To find the window cling setting type ‘window’ into the search bar when the material settings come up, then choose window cling.

From here just follow the prompts and you’ll have your new frosted glass windows ready to go in no time!

Got your window clings made and want to try using your hand at the knife blade, rotary blade, or one of the many quickswap tools?
Head to the Cricut section here at Mommy Bunch and/or to see tutorials and project ideas!