When I first learned that Crocs carried a line of boots, I was like “Whaaat!?” Lol. Okay, I really didn’t know they had boots until about a month ago or so, and now here I have my very own pair to share with you!  

I was able to try the Berryessa Hiker Boot, and there are some things that I really do like about this boot.  Take a look:

I love the pink laces, pink thread on the seams, and of course the fuzzy lining; which runs completely throughout the entire inside of the boot by the way.  It is sooo soft!

I also really liked the little pulls in the back (or are they handles, tabs, I don’t know what you call them, lol).  Regardless, they make it really easy to slip the boots on; actually they are easy to slip on without these, but these make it even easier!

I like the nice thick soles, which will ensure when I am walking 3-5 blocks (depending on where I can find a parking spot) into work each day, I will not get wet feet from all the cold Wisconsin snow.  

And I think they look great too!  Here I am wearing them with jeans (pulled up a little so you can see the boots).  


Although it hasn’t been overly cold yet in Wisconsin (we have had a few chilly days, but not many), I have been wearing these boots here and there to try them out.  As noted above, there are several things I really like about the boots.  The biggest thing is that my feet are going to stay nice and warm and dry in the Winter when I walk to and from my car to work.  

The one thing I did notice about the boots is that if I am on my feet standing all day my feet do tend to get a little tired out.  I am used to sitting at a desk all day though, so this may be the case with any footwear, I would have to test that out further.  

Overall I really like these boots.  They are stylish, comfortable, and will do the job of keeping your feet warm and dry when you are outside.  I’m not sure if I would take them snowboarding or anywhere that you are really immersed in snow, but for an everyday boot they are great!

Mommy Bunch Approved  Great gift for the Holidays!  

I think any woman would tell you she’d love to get a great pair of shoes or boots as a gift.  Crocs make a great gift for anyone on your list; kids, wife, husband, etc.  

Guys, if you are getting for a gift, make sure you are sneaky about it and check the size she currently wears, don’t ask her or she’ll know what you are up to!

If you are looking for a great gift, head over to the crocs website and check them out:  Crocs


Written by Jesica H.

Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.