hormel bacon and cheese stuffed burger

I’ll admit it, I love a good burger! We don’t get to eat them very often in our house because they aren’t really on my husband’s ‘approved’ food list, so if I want to have one I have to make it myself — and with limited time that doesn’t happen often. So when I make a burger, I want it to be goooood!

Meet my latest creation, the Crumbled Bacon and Cheese stuffed burger, is oh so delicious! And oh so easy to make. I simply used some Hormel real bacon bits since I didn’t have the time to fry up bacon of my own, and it tasted every bit as good as using strips.

How to make a great stuffed burger

The first thing you should do is season your meat. A great burger is only as good as the ingredients you use. For my burger I chose some of my favorites, but you can use whatever combination of ingredients you like best.

stuffed burger ingredients

Simply season to your taste (you know what you like) and work into your meat. I typically just do a few shakes of each jar and mix it in. I add a little more of the powdered ranch and bacon bits than anything else as I really like to incorporate those flavors. The only thing I suggest is to mix a few times and leave it. Don’t overwork your meat or it will just get tough.

For the filling I used Organic Valley colby cheese and just sliced with a knife, then added the cheese and some bacon bits to my burger using the Good Cook burger press. I’ve never been very good at pressing out patties before but this darn burger press not only makes it easy to make the perfect little patty, but you can stuff them with anything you desire!

good cook knife burger press

Once I had the burger ready to go I just fried it up in my cast iron pan, however, these would be great on the grill as well. Our grill is out of commission right now or I would have made it there instead — hopefully we will get a new one soon!

When you do add your burger to the frying pan or grill, I would suggest smooshing (technical term) it down with a spatula or something heavy so that your burger has a better chance of cooking evenly. These things can get pretty thick if you are stuffing them, which means there is a better chance the entire thing will burn on the outside and be raw in the middle if you don’t do it ‘just right’.

Another tip is to cook it on a medium to medium low heat to allow the burger time to cook thoroughly. A high heat may burn the outside leaving you a raw inside, and I hate raw hamburgers!

And there you have it — a perfectly stuffed and perfectly tasty crumbled bacon and cheese burger! Add your favorite toppings along with a toasted onion roll and you are ready to dig in.

bacon and cheese stuffed burger


So tell us….

What is your favorite way to eat a burger? Do you like making them on a grill or frying them in a pan?




The Mommy Bunch was provided free samples from Hormel and Good Cook to facilitate this post, all opinions are our own.