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When you are a teacher you are always trying to do what is best for your students when it comes to their education. You want to make sure all of your students have an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. I also know it isn’t always the easiest of tasks to reach every student at the same time since not everyone learns in the same way, or even at the same pace for that matter.

It is always a struggle to find ways to provide instruction that reaches everyone where they are at in their learning journey. I may be a little biased, but I think it is even more difficult when you are teaching science because you are trying to get everyone to understand the same subject matter at the same time, even though your students may be at different reading or math levels.

Supplemental Science Lessons

I’ve talked previously about finding ways to supplement science lessons and curriculum that not only make learning fun for kids but also meet these kids where they are at in their educational journey. One very easy way to do that is with the Legends of Learning program.

I’ve been using Legends of Learning in my Chemistry and Biology classes and it has been an absolutely wonderful way to help students reinforce concepts we’ve been learning while providing a little fun throughout the day. The students who have been using it have told me that it really does help them remember things (concepts we are studying), and the games are a fun mental break.

How Legends of Learning Helps

Game Play At Home

There are a few different options for gameplay. You can assign games to play that can be completed at home, or students can utilize free play at home. This is more like your role playing type of games. Kids get to be superheroes and have to help with quests.

Within these quests, there are different science-related games that students have to play to be able to move on with their quest, but all of the games are reinforcing concepts that are learned in the science classroom.

Game Play At School

The other option is to set aside time right in your classroom for some game playing. In school, you can set a time limit so that students are allowed to play for a set amount of time. This is good when you have to keep a set schedule throughout the day.

It doesn’t matter how far the student gets in the set time as it doesn’t affect their grade/score, but it can give you an idea of areas the student is struggling or needs extra help.

To get started, you simply choose games that supplement the lesson you are working on and add them to a playlist.

The students are required to play that game for a set amount of time, but after they have finished the games you’ve chosen for them they get to go into a free play session for a set amount of time that you determine. 

I really love the free play feature because how many times have you been in a computer lab where some kids finish a game really fast and loudly pronounces, “I’m done!”? It can be really discouraging to other students who aren’t as fast.

In Legends of Learning everyone finishes at the same time without other students knowing which games they’ve played. Whether it was only the required game or the required game plus ten other games, no one will know but you.

I also like that you can add assessments (knowledge testing questions) to a playlist. As a teacher, you will see the results and you’ll know how many students answered it correctly, if the concept is understood or if perhaps more time needs to be spent on that concept. 

Tracking Progress – Detecting Learning Gaps

Each student that plays with the teacher code you give them has a profile set up in your account. This allows you to keep track of progress for each student, and even download the data from the game — a feature I really love because it helps me to see where there may be any learning gaps!

You can also assign students to specific classes that you set up. This makes assigning different games for different classes really easy. For example, a chemistry student will get assigned games that align with what you are learning in that class while an earth science student would get completely different games.

Legends of Learning In Your Classroom

If you are interested in using Legends of Learning in your own classroom, sign up today. It’s free to use the program and I find the students are really enjoying it!

Parents, if you would like to see Legends of Learning in your child’s school. Simply bring information to your son or daughter’s teacher and let them know it is a free program to supplement the existing science curriculum!

See you in the game, superheroes!