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When I first received the Page a Day Math printables, I was unsure as to how or why I would make this work with my youngest daughter, who is just learning to add. But as kids always do, she surprised me with how much math she already knew and understood. It then became clear to me that the Page A Day Math books aren’t designed to teach new concepts, but rather as reinforcement of the skills previously learned.

Now that we’ve been using it for a while I’ve found that my daughter loves practicing her addition facts with the Addition Starter Kit from Page a Day Math! She is excited to work through the one-page worksheet (two-sided) and color in all the stars at the end of each set of problems.

About Page a Day Math

Page a Day Math uses the Math Squad, a colorful group of dog characters, to create a fun and independent environment to practice neat handwriting and math skills one day at a time! Each kit is divided into daily lessons where students complete one-page front and back each day.

Each kit comes with multiple booklets that you download. For the addition kit, it starts with practicing counting and adding 1 to numbers, then moves on to adding 2 to numbers, and so on. With the digital kits, you can use these multiple times with multiple students.

The Math Kits are available in digital and physical formats that include:

  • PreK Math Starter Kit
  • Addition Starter Kit
  • Subtraction Starter Kit
  • Multiplication Starter Kit
  • Division Starter Kit

Each Math Kit comes with bonus downloads that include:

  • FlashCards – Cards are available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Assessments – If you are not quite sure where your student needs help these assessments can give you an idea of where to start. You can also use them after completing the program to ensure all that wonderful knowledge was retained or if any areas need further practice.
  • Progress Tracker – For kids who need visual feedback they can keep track of how far they are with this one-page chart.
  • Handwriting Books – Practice writing with a mix of different writing options.

After using the Page a Day Math kits with my youngest student, I realized they are a great supplement to any curriculum. With summer setting in I plan on using the multiplication and division kits with my oldest to ensure he stays on top of those math facts!

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