I love seeing how much my children have grown over time, and also comparing where one child is at a certain age compared to another.  I like to guess which of my children will be the tallest, and how tall I think they are going to be when they are grown.

Of course I really have no idea, but it is still fun to see how each of their heights change over time, and who has growth spurts when.

One of the hardest parts about keeping track of this is finding a suitable place to record the height of my kids. We could mark it on the wall…but what if we move?  We also have some paper height charts, but they get damaged easily, and also fall off the wall easily.

When I found the designer canvas growth charts from CanvasPress, I was instantly intrigued.


The charts are made of a sturdy canvas material, and the sticky backing they used allows you to basically peel and stick the chart onto the wall.  If you mess up, it easily removes so you can try again!


The easy peel backing is actually really good for me, because after I hung the chart the first time, I took a picture of my daughter standing next to it and realized I had hung it a couple of inches off.

She is actually a few inches taller than what the chart is showing in the picture because of course I didn’t bother to measure the first time.   Do Not Skip This Step!  If you want to keep an accurate measure of your child’s height, measure where you should hang the chart instead of trying to guess like I did.  🙂



About CanvasPress Growth Charts

  •  Ordering online is simple and easy.
  •  Shipping is fast.
  •  Their customer service team is very helpful if you have questions or issues.
  •  The charts are carefully packaged by rolling instead of folding…no creases!

Our thoughts on CanvasPress Growth Charts

I really love these! I think the material is quality, and it is really heavy duty. The kids loved them too, they thought the design was really cute and fun. They couldn’t wait to start marking their heights on here.

These are really a great, quality product, and if you intend to use them throughout your child(ren)’s childhood, then they would be well worth the price for the many years of use you get out of it!

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